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ermahgerd driverless surround

so just was watching how it's made on discovery, they were building electrostatic speakers

first time hearing about these so i googled them and actually it's an old technology, here's a wiki link

Electrostatic loudspeaker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

so did some more searching for car audio use and came across these guys
MartinLogan Develops Electrostatic Speakers for Car Audio

they're using the windows as the driver itself, now how good it sounds we'll have to wait, but i have a feeling it will cost an arm and a leg based on their driver costs
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wow... never heard of this myself.

if its designed by martin logan you better believe its gunna be expensive

for sale:
Audison lrx 2.9 - 320$
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Originally Posted by JohnnyRock1588 View Post
wow... never heard of this myself.

if its designed by martin logan you better believe its gunna be expensive
Neat little fact. Most of the electrostat parts are manufactured by Paradigm (the canadian speaker company)
that's right, true sq audiophile runs funky pups and uses magic dust to enhance the transient response along with pure silver speaker wires that the virgin has pissed on for an increased sq.
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Neat. I sold ML back in the early 90s. Best speakers I have ever heard.
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This is a little different but a few years back I read about (something similar I would assume) that works with the vehicles' glass to act as a subwoofer ... and that it was very precise and would only be heard within the vehicle (the booming effect outside the vehicle would be no-more).

I don't know what happened with that technology and where it's at now, but it seemed very interesting and revolutionary to read about.
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