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stereoboss 04-18-2017 11:06 PM

Best 6x9 speakers you can buy in 2017
Some subwoofers and amplifiers can be very expensive, and produce volumes at such high levels sound quality can be affected.

Are you trying to find HIGH QUALITY sound for your car that wont give you the constant shake due to loud music? The answer is simple: 6◊9 Speakers!

If your car speakers arenít giving you that crystal clear sound youíve always wanted than these 6◊9 speakers for bass and quality is the answer. Hereís my honest review on the best 6◊9 speakers for bass and quality. These speakers all come without amps, and are perfect additions to making your ride more enjoyable.
Best 6x9 Speakers for Bass Detailed Review - Stereo Boss

reichkitten 04-11-2018 02:18 AM

Hey i agree that some subwoofers and amplifiers can be expensive but if you want quality you gotta spend some money. The site can you linked here has some speakers that aren't that great for me, what i did i found the guys from Soundexperts that have a great collection of 6x9 speakers.

Ziaram 10-02-2018 02:14 AM

I apologize for bumping this old topic, but I have done quite a bit of research on this, so I want to share my experience.
I happen to have a Rainbow Vanadium 8" in a box like this supposed to quite an impressive driver and modelled in WINISD its response walks all over the slim subs. The Aplineis where my hopes were initially pinned with the surface area and xMax as you note - but modelling the figures at least it is quite unimpressive in terms of bass extension / F3 and SPL (on paper the smaller Vanadium significantly outperforms the Alpine shallow 10" in extension and SPL - from what I have read it's SQ is good too).

This is what posed me to post, as everything I had to go on was calculated and what everyone's really interested in is how things actually sound So I thought I'd canvass opinion to see if I was barking up the wrong tree, or is the calculations were likely to be a true representation of the difference sound wise...

To add complication to my specific predicament though the drawback with the Vanadium is it is dual 4 ohm VC. I have no amp specs as it is fibre MOST input / OE and they won't release (or the people I've spoken to don't understand) the info. The current OE driver is 10", single VC and measures 3.1 ohm at rest, so I have no idea if the amp could drive into the two VCs in parallel as that would be a little less than 2 ohm, in series we are looking at 6+ ohms (so assumedly reducing the power and so the cone excursion / SPL which defeats the object somewhat) and as the Vanadium is rated peak at 250W I can't really run it single VC for fear of cooking the coil! Anyway, enough of my specific issues with that driver as that wasn't what the post was about!

So from what you say minbari it is quite possible the WINISD plots are right that in all reality an 8" could provide 'better' response than a 10" under these circumstances / compromises...

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