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Car audio Rumours

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Car audio Rumours

so yeah, just wanted to see what sort of rumours/misconceptions have you all heard throughout your years dealing with car audio

I'll get it started

the big 3 doesn't work - heard this from two shop owners

capacitors make your bass louder - heard this all over, and I had one, didn't make it louder

adding batteries does nothing - also heard that from a shop owner

less watts than rms can blow a sub - distorted signal yes, but less than rms I figure can come from playing at a low volume, so I don't see how it can blow a sub

feel free to add to this list, and if anyone (including myself) is wrong, please correct, nicely of course, so that the thread doesn't turn into another east vs west thread, even though that was hilarious
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The best sub enclosure is sealed and subs facing your rear seat pushed all the way against it.

Never heard of digital designs, must be garbage, you should try power acoustik.

Unless the amp has a CEA rating its not worth it.

Why would you ever upgrade an altenator? Just get a cap.

What is the Big 3?

If you want 0 gauge, i have to special order it and it costs 10 + dollars a foot.

You shouldnt run more then 1 sub amp to your subs.

No one makes an amp that runs at 1 ohm.

If you hook up an amp with more power then the handling power of a sub, when you turn on your stereo your sub will blow.

These are SOME of the things i have heard in shops, and working with some shops. If i said everything i heard, especially from people, i would turn gray.
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distortion kills speakers ... wait wait it is true
a speaker can be played with a square wave and not blow as long as its within its thermal and mechanical power limit.What really is making the speakers smoke is the amount of power that is contained in a square or clipped wave. (draw out a sine wave and you will see)

Larger speaker will always be louder (eg 15" futureshop vs 12" DD)
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all those are true.
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having a fuse on your power cable will allow full current to pass .

and, the mtx jackhammer is the loudest sub out there and worth the money lol

this one came from a local shop to me after seeing my setup......i think you'd be louder if your box faced the back doors.......then i burped it for them lol
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I never really notice much from caps, a guy yesterday said there just jewlery for your car and it's pretty much true.
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capacitors are better than an extra battery, they provide a non-stop source of power

big 3 doesnt work

all amps run on 14.4v, cant do 12v

lol... keeping the bass setting on the eq of the deck high makes the bass sooo much better

everyone who tries to tell me my kicker is nothing on their bb, fs installs.

some guy: "my cars louder".... me: "how so?".... some guy: "my trunk rattles harder than yours".... i had no comment for this... didnt even give the guy a demo, except the one when i got back in my car and cranked it out of the subdivision... heh
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Big three absoluely works...
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Originally Posted by Westec View Post
Big three absoluely works...
I second that quote ..........
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amp power ratings
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