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The main problem

Old 12-06-2004, 10:03 PM
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In 1992-94 I worked for AVU, we charged 150 for a basic alarm, $50 per option and nothing was thrown in for $150, not even starter kill......................I was busy every day doing alarms.............we had no problem getting the money for it............................

Even at boomers we charged $350 installed for a basic Viper, we included starter kill, doorlocks if it had it, hood pin and hooked up the factory trunk pin if it had it, and light flash..........
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Old 12-06-2004, 10:53 PM
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I agree for the most part... Install labour doesn't seem to follow typical inflation rates of other industries. Now I've only been installing for just over three years, but I remember when my grandpa got his first remote starter, and I think he paid clear of $500 for a basic unit. The prices of the modules have plummeted, but also I think it's safe to say that it's much easier to put a remote starter or alarm in a car now than it was 5+ years ago, with the exception of course of newer cars with immobilizers. Now obviously I can't speak from experience, but one of my co-workers has been in the industry for over 14 years, and he's told me horror stories of some of the crap he's had to install in the past. The products we're putting in nowadays are much more user-friendly than they used to be, with on-board relays and whatnot (except Viper... BOO). I may be completely missing the point here... If we're talking door rates, then yah, our shop labour rates are pocket change compared to some other figures I've heard.
we had no problem getting the money for it............................
I wish things were like that today... Nowadays they push the $149 installed remote starter rate like it's gospel. People come in all excited, and when I tell them that all the pretty buttons on the remote wont work for that price, or that their ignition keys have transponders, they get all bitter and blame us for being the "bad guys." I have maybe 1 out of 5 cars actually get that price... And it's still falsified because they don't include the $3 materials charge! And if you think people wont bitch about $3, you need to give your head a shake... With custom work it's a little different for me. Normally I don't mind getting paid a little less because I'm learning in the process with some things (eg fibreglass work), so it's all good. That, and I love doing it. The store doesn't seem to care if I blow their budget on shop supplies because the fancy boxes attract so much publicity. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Anyways, with regards to pay, I really have nothing for comparison. I've been with FS since I started in the industry, and I've been getting decent raises since I've started. I recently acquired my AEAT certificate, so now the government actually believes that I can install remote starters and alarms. I have yet to see what kind of change that will make in my pay, but I'm hoping it's significant... We'll see. Sometimes it's amazing what a piece of paper can get you... sometimes.
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I have never seen such a binder, and I have no idea what the pay ranges are... I myself make $10.75/hr right now, plus the 10% commissions, and that's after just over 3 years of faithful service. That's changing soon because of my AEAT certification and moving up to tech 3, but they haven't told me any numbers as of yet. I guess I'll find out if and when I get that magic paycheck. I *think* our senior tech is making well over $14/hr with his 10%, plus the extra 4% for that position. I'm not sure if and how things are changing with respect to installers... The install manager position is obviously eliminated, but outside of that I don't think I2 is changing much with respect to our guys. Then again, I don't really pay much attention to that kind of stuff, which I probably should... :/

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Custom work should be custom prices, but for hooking up a amp or head unit what’s really changed in the last say 10 years? You have premade head unit wiring kits, you plug in the rca's and this is the toughie that most installers can not do right.. Find a proper ground. Now I'm not dissing anyone in this field but for all the thought it takes 90% of the time you maze well be doing factory work . However if you wish to make more then it comes back to cravity, fiberglass, custom doors ect all should be at a premium, I guess it depends on your clientele.
Installers need one of 2 things a union or manufactures/dealers that support them. How much do you want to make? There has to be a cap on it somewhere your not saving lives or going to school for 7 years and there’s no risk involved like starting your own shop... Now there’s one way to make more money.
Installers have a skill unfortunaly you have helped others learn it by teaching everyone online how to's and showing step by steps.
Even a trade these days pay as little as 10 dollars an hour and they have 4 years of training before they are qualified at there job.
Before you guys fly off the handle, I fully support your need for more pay I just would like to see why you expect more pay, I'm not an installer and I don't know what qualifies you for this increase.
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Now I'm not dissing anyone in this field but for all the thought it takes 90% of the time you maze well be doing factory work.
I'm not an installer and I don't know what qualifies you for this increase.
For someone who's not an installer you seem to know an awful lot about the amount of thought (or lack thereof) that supposedly goes into the job. I'm not gonna lie and say there aren't any ten-minute deck installs out there, but I think it's a little more involved than factory work. Now personally I'm not complaining about my pay; sure it'd be nice to have more, but I make enough to put food on the table and whatnot, and occasionally buy myself some toys. The sad thing is sometimes people don't appreciate the amount of work that has to go into some jobs... They say "oh yah, it'll only take five minutes. I've already got the factory HU halfway pulled out and you just gotta plug the new one in." 99.9% of the time I've seen the average joe customer try to grow a brain and attempt an install his/herself, they end up coming back to the shop and paying us a premium first to hack through the rat's nest they've created, and then install the radio. Definitely not factory work...
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I am surprised that someone hasnt mention salesmenship? It has gone down drastically in 3 yrs.

I look at the problems we have in our industry and believe that if owner/managers would hire salesmen with pashion for car many problems would start to disappear.

What makes a salesperson push for that door lock charge or window roll-up option.

A)they are not trained on how to, or even what the custoem benifit is.

A big misconception is the customer wont want something or its Too MUCH!!.. Or he will just go down the street to the other shop.

If you seperate yourself as a shop offering new concepts or differant concepts than the average place the customer will see the value. We just need to show them why they need it.

On labour there is nothing to distinguish yourself other than custome service and Salesmenship.! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Any thoughts?
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