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Iasca eastern cdn finals results

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Iasca eastern cdn finals results

Finally found time to show you all the results from the show. THe show was simply awesome and it couldnt of happened without out of you competitors. Having XTS on board to take care of the show and shine simply took the show to the next level. As posted earlier on a different thread the venue has already been booked for next years show. We also managed to RAISE over 500.00 for the Canadian Cancer Society!!!

I also just want to take this chance to thank the many people who helped during the show.

-THE ENTIRE crew of XTS including, Jay and Dan.
-My wife Tammy who did registration and food
-My son Alex who was basically my go to kid and he BBQ'd for like four hours straight.
-Jim Hobson, who was amazing with clean up and BBQ.
-Kelly Hobson, registration
-My SQ judges....Damian Jacobs, Brian Hookumchand, Julian Ride and Donald from CSC.
-My IDBL judges.....Moe Saborin and Bry.
-Don Citrate, for his PA system.
- MOTHER NATURE, for finally blessing us with some good weather during Finals!!!!!!!!!


SQI Rookie

1.Louise Chouinard 214
2.Jim Hobson 210
3.Erica Thirlwell 175
4.Nathan Russell 173
5.Dan Bovay 167
6.Jason Fielding 160
7.Mike McKnight 154
8.Christian Owen 149
9.Raymond Roussy 130

SQI Amateur

1.David Erwin 436.5

SQI pro

1. John Myers 499.5
2. Richard MacCormack 427.5
3. Matt McLeod 327.5


1. Larry Wollacott 540
2. Scott MacCormack 417

SQI Expert

1. MBA AUDIO/Clarion 427

SQC Rookie

1. Louise Chouinard 132
2. Jim Hobson 132
3. Nathan Russell 118
4. Erica Thirlwell 114
5. Ryan Domingos 110
6. Ian Anthony 105
7. Dan Bovay 104
8. Christian Owen 104
9. Jason Fielding 103
10.Mike McKnight 101
11.Raymond Roussy 94
12. Vicki Le Sebastion 87


1. Julian Ridi 225.5
2. David Erwin 218.5

SQC pro

1. John Myers 241.5
2. Richard MacCormack 208.5
3. Matt McLeod 178.5


1. Larry Wollacott 212
2. Jason Gay 212
3. Scott MacCormack MBA 198

SQC Expert

1.MBA AUDIO/Clarion 192



1. Jason Fielding 142.1
2. Jordan Haikias 140.5
3. Chris Hooper 131.5


1. Jesse Burns 143.5
2. Mike Zach 138.3
3. Jason Molenaar 137.2
4. Erica Thirlwell 137.0


1. Nathan Brumwell 151.2
2. Jason Sinclair 148.7
3. Christian Owen 146.9
4. Kyle Wilkins 143.5
5. Kyle Ott 143.4
6. Ben Worrell 142.7
7. Pat Serraul 139.6
8. Chris Vanstone 139.5
9. Ryan Maddock 139.3
10.Rob Parker 116.9


1. Parker Lowes 144.8


1. Wayne McCaffrey 156.2
2. Kris Jones 146.2


1. CT Soundz 156.7
2. Don Doyle 151.5
3. Jason Smith 143.0
4. Mike Uytendaele 138


1. Garrett Miles 151.6
2. Chad Rocco 125.9


1. Bart Pyle 160.1
2. Nick Kuipers 139.7
3. Raymond Roussy 137.2


1. Team Maximum Threshold 156.8
2. Matt Romaine 150.9
3. Julian Ridi 150.0

if I misspelled any of your names I apologize but some score sheets were hard to read..LOL

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1. McNiel Lalsee
2.Jason Fielding


1. Chris Vanstone
2. Adam Hartford
3. Christian Owen
4. Ryan Maddock


1. Parker Lowes


1. Team Maximum Threshold
2. Matt Romaine
3. Chris Gooderham
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that's funny,

two identical cars with two identical set ups end up in two totally different classes

the loudest cars and set ups from stock pro 1 and advance no wall 1 were identical.
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Yah,,, I dunno about that one. It was really funny how they said my box should be at the back of the car when the other crx had it's box in the same position. Jason needs to have this one really looked at.
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Will have to talk to Moe about that. I get back to you.
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uhhhh, should Jesse have had a higher score? not only because its IASCA I mean hahaha. Looks like it was a good show
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jesse used his gf's car lol
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nice score there barty boy
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Originally Posted by Father Yuli View Post
that's funny,

two identical cars with two identical set ups end up in two totally different classes

the loudest cars and set ups from stock pro 1 and advance no wall 1 were identical.
as well as nate being placed in stock 2 with a pair of AB 500.1's strapped on 2 12's.Now I'm not trying to get your a$$ hairs up nate thats not why i pointed this out but in my rule book for iasca it says competitors are limited to one amp per woofer.One amplifier means that all amplifier componants be incased inside one heatsink.Strapping multiple amplifiers together is not considered as one amplifier.I noticed a bunch of kookie stuff that was a touch different in the rule book

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Where was this show?
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