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My thanks...

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My thanks...

Ok... I've been back home for nearly 24hrs now so I've finally gotten the energy and now have to give some thanks to all of the people who have helped me out this year.

Mr Jeff "smooth" Boudreau - The greatest friend and team mate a guy could ask for. From lending me an amp to compete with all season to spending entire days with me testing he did everything that a guy could to help me be successful. Even though he had a rough weekend of his own he still managed to find time to try and help me through mine.

Keyur Patel - Another great team mate. The Indian Red Green who refuses to take "no" for an answer when people try to say that something can't be done. We've been competing against each other for a few years now and it's always great to meet up with him again. We just need to get you out to a few more shows.

The wifes... Irene and Martine (the bad wife and the good wife).. They've put up a lot of crap this year just to get myself and Jeff in the lanes. Coming to shows and doing the little things like packing food and making sure we wear sun screen make our lives a lot easier.

All of Team 2loud4you (Amy, Wayne, Ed, Chris, Holly, Bob and Amanda). From lending me equipment to sharing ideas and just having amazing people to hang out with at shows. Competing just wouldn't be the same without you guys there. This hobby we have wouldn't be worth doing if it weren't for great friends like you guys.

Yuli - Dude, you're a friggin MACHINE. It's no surprise that you're as loud as you are. Seeing you go to work on that box Thursday night was nuts. Lending me the equipment was more than I could have ever expected and I owe my finals success to you. (ok, so there wasn't much of that..) I know you've got the rex up for sale but I'd really hate to see you stop competing. We need a guy like you in the lanes!

George the Greek - From meeting up with us on Thursday evening just to kill time to leding me a box and spending time on Saturday sharing your knowledge was great. I'm sorry we couldn't get the box working but in the end the idea will live on next season (and I'll be bugging you for more info!)

George the dad - Ok, so he'll never be on this site to read it but I've gotta thank my father for his help. I had specific reasons why I wasn't able to drive down to Indy this year so he gave up his weekend to help tow the car down. While down there he was doing everything he could to help out. He's also a driving machine doing the full trip both ways without a break.

Psychoacoustics - Bill & Erie have been a great help to me this year and it's always great to see them at a show. They really do work for competitors and do what they can to make things as easy as possible for us when it comes to rules interpretations and just generally running the shows.

Team Canada - Ok, so just about everyone who went down was cool enough to lend a hand when the hit the fan for me.

Les lent me an amp and helped get it in the car.

John W. for helping set up the HU and gains

Don Deezy lent me some subs to test (I think they were his... in case they weren't though.. Thanks for the subs Richard!!)

Tom for letting me get the run off without complaints

Toms wife (Julie I think) for the awesome cupcakes

Nick for keeping stuff entertaining (again, I'm SO sorry I couldn't have been part of the team.. )

Jay Jones.. just for being there to support. You're a friggin riot.. and a degenerate.

Shahid.. for leading the way down and not getting us TOO lost.

Dave D. for hanging out while we were getting stuff installed in Jeffs car. It's always great seeing you man.. sorry I couldn't get you that extension chord

I THINK that's everyone... but it's possible I've missed a few people. If I have then please don't be offended.

I don't generally share a lot of my personal life on the forum because you guys don't need to know and most of you don't care. (hell, some of you may even use it against me one day) ... This past season has been just about the toughest of my life due to medical reasons. The condition made it so I couldn't put the work in to my car that it needed and almost made it so I couldn't make finals (this is the part where dad doing the driving comes in). I had made enough excuses about competing for the past few seasons and I refused to let it keep me away from Finals this year.

I've shared a bit of the information with some of the people in this list and you have all been nothing short of amazing with your support. With a bit of help the medication will stop taking it's toll on me and I hope to make it back even bigger and better next season. (fingers crossed that I don't need surgery). Without the help of most of the people on this list my season just wouldn't have happened and I owe them all a world of gratitude.
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any time mister!
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no prob jordy, it was great hanging with ya!
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I'm glad I was able to be of some help.
next year will be a much bigger year for you my friend.

Congrats once again
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hey hey hey, some people that shall remain nameless got us lost. I just pointed us back in the right direction
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Jordy any time always good to see you
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