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ever since finals, i've had this new image of being a deer slayer, which isn't completly true, however, lately my forum handle of "Coffeyman" just hasn't really been a good description of myself despite recent events.
therefore, i'm going to turn this thread into a suggestion/voting place for anyone who would like to suggest a new name for me. if there is a really good suggestion, i like it, it gets some votes, and it relates to deer, i will change the name.
i believe that having a name like this will remind me of finals this year and inspire me to work hard in the upcoming season so i can beat my newly established goals (SPL and roadkill).

for those of you who do not know the story...
Dustin's Deer Dilemma

it was a dark and stormy evening, well, actally it wasn't dark and stormy, but it was REALLY dark because is was around 3:00 am. one of the canadain convoys headed for the dB Drag world finals was was travelling swiftly through a desolate hiwhway somewhere in south dakota. team riprock was in the lead, shining it's powerful headlights into the vast beyond of the seemingly empty road with co-co-pilot Andy at the helm of the wheel navigating the nearly uncharted territory. following (almost too) CLOSE benihd was the young and eager dustin and his sidekick michelle (aka team loud n'proud). dustin was piloting the meek and feeble red golf, while michelle adopted a peaceful slumber in the passenger seat. the trek was long and weary and the current driving shift had been going on for hours. it had been what felt like ages since the last rest point and the drivers were getting weary.
dustin, attempting to keep awake at all costs resorted to loud music accompanyed by large amounts of sunflower seeds and caffienated beverages. he could tell by the driving styles of andy, that he too was feeling the effects of the long haul as he began to weave on the road. suddenly, andy made a larger than expected weave on the road, quickly pulling the truck and trailer into the oncoming traffic lane and quickly returning to his own lane.
dustin being somewhat surprised at this was perplexed as to why andy would take such an action. suddenly he realized - andy swerved to avoid the mammoth buck laying dead in the center of his lane. reacting as fast as his tired brain would let him, dustin analyzed the situation - he had two options swerve to the right and run over the beasts' hard head and pointy antlers OR swerve to the left and clip the animals' legs. there was no time to completly avoid the obstruction, but a decision had to be made. dustin cranked the wheel to the left at the last second and the golf responded immediately, but not soon enough. the car rolled over the legs of the deer, clipping them right off and causing blood to be splattered all over the side of the car while the underside components of the vehicle acted as a giant greater tearing up the flesh and scalping the hide of the animal.
while the car travelled on two side wheels after using the dead carcase as it's own little ramp, dustin looked over and then up (at least) six inches and the face of the now awake and excited michelle who was now positioned higher then he and the car was momentarily suspended in air on the passenger side! michelle eyes were as big as 12'' woofers as she screamed in terror not knowing what was going on. finally, the airborn car returned to the ground and dustin managed to steer it back to the middle of the lane.
feeling that the golf should be inspected, dustin got on the radio to alert team riprock up ahead of the incident. "uhh...andy?...we gotta pull over..........i hit that 'thing' on the road back there". so the convoy pulled to the side of the road and the poor red golf was inspected.
it was a catastrophe! blood all along the side of the car, pieces of flesh hanging from the underside, hair and skin stuck to the wheel well - it was a real blood bath, just like out of a horror film. the style of rims on the car had only made it even worse grinding the meat into fine pieces. the heat of the engine caused a stench that was emitting form the car similar to that of semi-cooked meat. After a closer inspection, it was found that the carcase had torn off a portion of the front bumper, but the rest of the car was basically unharmed - a minor price to pay for the size of the incident.
deciding that nothing else could be done at the moment and having to keep a schedule, the drivers climed back into their vehicles and proceeded on with the trip never to mention word of the incident again - well, at least not until a couple of hours later where it seemed to be the ONLY topic of conversation while stopping for food at and IHOP as the sun began to peak over the horison.

By: Dustin Rogers

and that's how it all happened. any suggestion for a new name?
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LMFAO! No idea on a new name right now but that's an awesome story. [img]graemlins/headbang.gif[/img]


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cool story, I like the way it was told.. I'll have to think about this one.

should have some good one to be told after the usaci finals

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lol.. woow.. i dunno what to say. deers, and dead or alive animlas on the on the road suck though! good thing you reacted poretty quick and kinda missed the body of the animal..

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I never even knew it happened [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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how'bout "BUCK" just to keep the name simple....

good story
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Good times! hahaha
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Man you tell it good!!! lol we all had fun with that story at supper in Nashville! lol [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]
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You went to IHOP after that? Sheesh... shoulda just set up a BBQ and started slicin' up that deer! [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]

Kidding aside... I wouldn't change your handle at all. "Name changers suck" as the saying goes...

I've used GrizZz since the very first time I was ever asked for an online name, back on the old Nucleus BBS Service in the late eighties, here in Calgary before the internet went graphical.

Several years later I found that the mascot for Fernie, BC goes by the same name (Griz), and had a cool cartoon character. I swiped the character, edited accordingly, and then a few years later I started using the image semi-professionaly. Not wanting to get in trouble for copyright infringement, I made several emails, calls and inquiries, to the Town of Fernie, trying to get either a new GrizZz Dude made for me specific by the same author, or permission to use my edited version of said GrizZz Dude.

I've never received a reply, other than one "Whatever, go ahead." from someone at the Town of Fernie offices.

ooo Off topic sorry... no, don't change it. You are the Coffeyman, now and forever [img]graemlins/headbang.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by juniorsfse:
how'bout "BUCK" just to keep the name simple....

good story
this one is pretty good....i like it, and it will be deemed acceptable for submission!
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