Finals Road trip(s) Discussion/planning/etc. of the IASCA/USACi/DB Drag Finals road trip(s)

We want details!!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by BootlegGuySQi:
Here's a picture, let's get some more on Here.
you pimp you!!

thanks for giving me a listen to the car!

it sounds and looks great, better luck for next year!!

BRING ON DA HOEZ! [img]graemlins/headbang.gif[/img]
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Man, those dudes at Memphis Car Audio were nice with the free BOOZE and food. with those american drinking laws I thought I was missing, but then I just started pouring others people bottles of beer into my plastic cup. And Memphis paid for it all, good times. That's right, you guys that didn't come missed out on free food and booze. It was only till 9:30, people just drink alot faster and ordered lots of drinks before the cutoff.
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Originally posted by BootlegGuySQi:
I just rolled in the door, still frustrated and angry. I don't want to sound like a whiney little bitch, but you would 2 if you drove about 70 hours just to get get dead last by 2 points. I thought It was 7, but they made an adding mistake. For some reason, or another I received a zero for all wires properly secured. If I took out a few pics from my scrap book I might have been able to get away with it. So a handful of wire ties, that could have been used in my trunk cost me a goergous finals trohpy.

My SQ score was WAY lower then normal. I know that the judges get picky for finals, but I don't understand how my tonal accuracy scores can drop from 17's and 18's in half. I thought It was tuned so well? I left even more confused because I heard the car that won my class. It sounded very dull, obviously this was the sound the judges were looking for, and mine wasn't anything like it. I thought Rusty & Allison Gregg's Daytona was a pretty phat install, I never did hear it. Keith Tuner's trunk was a wicked install as well. I'm not sure how all the other cars placed because I...
Well, I could have cared less.

It was interesting to see the International Sound Qaulity challenge. I'm glad I didn't do it, but all the judges had different tastes. A few people were unhappy that a few of the internatoinal judges had their systems pinned to the nuts.??
Mark Eldridge didn't even placed in the top 10 for this event. I'm hoping that it was only because of the points he lost from Engine on testing, It won't start, so how do they test for whine? Marks system was unbeleivable, It sounded wicked. I perferred it slightly to Gary Biggs. They are both really nice guys. Alma Gates was there, just hanging out with her crew, so I talked to her as well. She was telling me Gary is redoing to bronco for Spring Break. I listened to several other cars, it was educational.
Not trying to pour salt in an open wound but the level of judging at Finals is something beyond what you will find at local comps, as you found out. It was great to see your enthusiasm before you left considering your success locally but did that perhaps give you a bit of false confidence? The level that those cars are at that go to Finals is hardcore to say the least! Good thing is you saw how the big dogs do it, listened to their cars and now you can build your car with that kind of focus.
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We stopped at the ARC booth and asked the booth girl what a part in the open display amp did. She called a guy over who was supposed to know. He said "why are you guys hassling our model she doesn't know that stuff" and sent us on our way. In other words he didnt know either!
What part in the amplifier were you interested in finding out about operationally??
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This was beat to death already


just kidding - relax [img]graemlins/beer.gif[/img]

[ October 23, 2003, 05:48 PM: Message edited by: DWVW ]
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Originally posted by DWVW:
That was nothing compared to hitting on the batcap girls in the elevator!
OK, Everyone, JUMP!

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Yeah fun and I bet we've all done it But not so funny taking a cheap shot at Arc staff on a public forum. That was a lame............. oh so lame. Can't blame the guy for "shoo-ing" you away.......... given what you admitted you guys were doing. [img]graemlins/dunno.gif[/img]
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