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Big 3 doesn't work

Old 08-28-2009, 09:22 PM
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Big 3 doesn't work

Sooooo here's a story for you guys. Yesterday I was near Downsview and noticed a sign that said car audio sale, and I figured hey why not stop in a pick up some terminals. So I pull up, and automatically I notice this shop doesn't really have a name, it just says Car Audio and Alarm etc etc. Anyways, I go in and ask the guy if he has ring terminals for 8 4 guage wire for me to do my big 3 and new power and ground, he said he doesn't have that many, but then asked what for, so I said big 3. He said "what's that?".

So I explain it to him, and he tells me that it doesn't do anything. I then tried to explain why it works, he tells me that car manufacturers are smarter than we are, so doing that is pointless. In my head I thought that he was retarded because I don't think they account for aftermarket additions. Anyways, so he tells me its not going to work but good luck. I'm like yeah well its really to help with my voltage drop, and soon I might put in a second battery. He said thats pointless too, again stating that makers are smarter than we are and doing that achieves nothing, especially if I'm only putting in one amp (I guess more amps means more batteries required?). I then asked him what would be the best thing to do.

He said put in a cap.

I said yeah I had one but it didn't help as much as you'd think it would, and with the right battery you can get better results, he said no I'm wrong and that doesn't work, they make the vehicle good already. So I gave in and said yeah you're the pro I guess you're right, what is the biggest size cap you sell. He said 1 farad. I said yeah, the one I had was 1.2 and I didn't like it, I'll stick with my big 3 and future battery and then left.

I just thought I'd share that with you guys...though it seems I keep running into guys who think the big 3 is pointless
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Old 08-28-2009, 09:26 PM
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lol, I guess that the car manufacturers are smarter than him. I'd say that if you say "big three" in a car audio shop, and they don't know what it is, it's just better to just leave.
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Old 08-28-2009, 09:39 PM
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This isn't much of a surprise really.....a guy in a no-name store with too many caps in stock would deny anything he has to in order to sell them.....

Sad part is he has probably sold a few of them to those who don't know any better....
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lol thats not the first time i heard that sadly>... did the sign happen to say closing out sale by chance?
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Didnt work for me either.
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sad, hahahhahahaa
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the big 3 makes a large difference if done properly!
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Sounds like a couple places we have here. I used to work for a place in town and the guys had 40 years combined experience and didnt no about the big three and thought the loudest sub setups where sealed boxes facing the rear seats pushed right up against them. So after many disagreements and them saying i was wrong about everything and shitty pay. I quit. Oh also them not knowing how to build proper boxes and just cutting boxes and trying to fit stuff into them. EEESSSHhh scary.
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Lmao what a retard.
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yes use a cap

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