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Hertz vs Kenwood Amps

Old 12-13-2008, 06:44 PM
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Hertz vs Kenwood Amps

I really have to stop reading about car audio and or stop gettign options from my dealer. I can not seem to make a decision. Ends up that the Alpine Typ R's that were in my doors (4) are only Alpine type S rated at 50W RMS, thanks to my buddy trying to save money and not telling me.

Any way I was going to run a Kenwood x1r for my 1200F kenwwood flat sub rated at 350RMS and a x4r for my 4 100W RMS door speakers. Now that I do nto have them I was thinking of going with the Hertz energy 165 tweeter and 6.5 speakers for my front and the same sub. Ends up I have the option to run one amp I have came to the hertz HP4 rated at 230 at 2 ohms and 440 t 4 ohms.

This is more cost efective and less install space but are the Hertz apms a good amp and would running one be better than running two. I will still be running the rear 50w alpines off the head unit which is stock. This is drivign me nuts it is worse than home theater LOL

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HP4 is a good amp. Works well. If you use it for front and sub, you will be severely limited in rear output depending on how much volume you are looking to get from them.
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So, time to start from scratch yet again.... can I interest you in options yet again?
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MR2NR I do appericiate your help and hard work if I were closer you would be the guy i would buy form, but being so far away and seeing that I am getting good prices and an install out of the dealership I am working I have to stay with them. I have bought alot of home theater equipment from them in the past so that may be why their prices are good for me. Just for s&g what were you going to pitch to me? You know it just may change my mind all over again. This reminds me of when I bought my hoilday trailer I looked at so many and read/researched so much in the end I didn't even enjoy purchasing it LOL. But I love it now.

Oh yeah the install now went from this Tuesday until after my X mas hoildays on the 31st.

Later and thanks for the input.
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havent looked into a hertz amp yet but ill tell you right now the kenwood isnt anything special. Only thing good about their amps is looks. Power is decent but not quite up to rated specs. They are basiclly a nicer sony. If i took a pic of the two boards (sony knewood) side by side few would be able to tell which is which
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I would take Hertz over Kenwood!
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The Kenwood Excelon series is pretty good
The Hertz is quite good but pricier
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kenwood excelon are very good amps period. As far as SQ, well we all know what a huge difference price!
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Originally Posted by alphadawg View Post
kenwood excelon are very good amps period. As far as SQ, well we all know what a huge difference price!
I so disagree. I've gone through many amps on same speakers, and differences are there, when you know what to look for. The more amps you try the more you realize that specs mean nothing. Amps are like cheap cd players vs expensive. Think of it amp power vs cd dac's, some people think thats all that matters. It is the whole product filled with high quality parts vs junk. I do not subscribe to that power is the only diff thread. Switching out amp preamp sections can make the same amp sound very different, like Tru stuff. The ratio of mid to treble balance changes too among other things, which in turn forces your brain to perceive music differently. Long subject........... Yet, the differences are pretty noticeable on many counts.

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Price and performance do not always jive, I could live with either the Excelon or a Hertz. Which sounds better, heck I dont know! I have never A/Bed them. I competed with HU power last year for giggles and did OK, now I just swapped in a Zapco and it is more than a smidgen better (some will tell me it isn't) but the extra $1000+ was certainly worth it IMO.
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