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JL Audio sub

Old 08-08-2007, 11:42 PM
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Cool JL Audio sub

are the jl w7 all they are cracked up to be, if so would you suggest a 13w7 or 12w7? over a alpine type X12" or a RE SX12", I will be hooking it up to a 1000 watt mono amp either the alpine PDX-1.1000 or the JL 1/1000, i want the alpine because i looks like a tight new style amp, but i also want the JL just to keep everything the same dunno what to do there we'll see what happens haha. I want the sub to be loud as and to be heard from far, and i listen to main rap/hip hop any suggestion on the system or anything would help. oh and another quick question heard areo ports make ridiculusly loud are they expensive and does anyone suggest getting them.

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my friend had a jl 12w7, it was hooked to a shitty *** 1200 watt sony amp with a shitty sony headunit, and shitty homemade box in the back of his jeep, it wasnt extremely but had supprizingly good sq for the shittyness of everything hooked to it. He burnt the coil in it though.... dont know how or from what but it was funny when it siezed and started hissing, took it apart and it was all ****ed up haha..
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the w7 subs are awesome. i wouldn't pay retail for them but if you can get a good deal, go for it.
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While it is a good sub with lots of engineering behind it, it is also pricy, too pricy in my eyes. There are other options available at a cheaper price that are quite adept at producing copious amounts of bass response.
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yes they are rediculously expensive which if i don't have enough time when i get back i will problably be getting the alpine x type or the RE SX, do you have any suggestions on any other subs that would do the job like these three i have listed, sorta looked at the mtx 9500 but i think the first three would be better choice then the mtx? as far as the w7 goes i'd problably go with the 13w7 just to utilize the 1000/1 or the alpine pdx 1.1000. um i got the 4 guage wire that should be fine for the 1000mono amps right? and i was thinking bout getting a cap., anyone think it is needed? one more thing if i had four 6.5 speakers all around what amp would you think would be best suited for all four speakers thank you for your replies...
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Theres a dude on here, worldind I think, from Edmonton and hes selling some RE sx12s. Might be worth looking into to save a few bucks, and cheaper shipping.

Personally, I have never used any of the subs you mentioned, but from what I have read and heard I would go with the type X or SXs.

A four channel amp would be good for your 6.5"s, I would try to stick around 75-100 watts per channel, just to be able to keep up with your sub when you hammer on it.
Just pick your favorite brand and Im sure they will have something that will work for you, but the PDX are supposed to be REAL nice amps.
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I have to agree with MR2MR. Good SQ, reasonably loud, but the pricetag is a big drawback. JL makes a better SQ sub (W6) for alot less $$, and there are alot of good SQL subs out there for considerably less money (Type X, Orion H2, eD 13av.2 etc) as well. Heck, you can even get a DD9100 for less than a W7.
But the W7 is nice if you can find a deal on them.

4Ga wire is probably fine, provided it's not a crazy long run. IMO (and experience), for the money you're better off ditching the cap idea and upgrading to a good battery and doing your BIG3.
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I find it really hard to judge the 13Av2 better, since theres only a couple prototypes and they cant seem to ship product for various reasons.

Once its actually out, avaliable and getting beaten on, we can start to judge it with reasonable assurances that it doesnt suck.
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