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Knock Sensor

Old 02-07-2007, 10:51 PM
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Knock Sensor

Ok i have been looking at car alarms for a while and i just lost a Alpine 8080 with dual radar (went for 255 american) on ebay which agrivated me but im over it now. I have come across knock sensors on some newer alarms.....what exactly are they?
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hmm good question . the only knock sensors i know about are for detonation .(nothing to do with an alarm)

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Nopers. Knock sensors have been around compliments on Compustar for a number of years now. The current PRO version (kick **** btw) has some nicely upgraded features. It is a secondary paging device for the owner of the car. Say you want to have someone go and retreive a item from the vehicle but you do not want to give them the keys. An example may be you are in the movie theatre and a friends comes to get that case of beer you owe him. He knocks on the window, the alarm pages you on the remote, the remote vibrates and makes a tone, then shows that the paging sensor went off. You unlock the doors, he grabs his brew, you relock the vehicle.

It also has a second multi color led in it. One blue one for the alarm led (there are two in the system) and a red one to show that it has accepted the knock.

Next is something cool. It has a coded knock system unique to you. If you have ever lost your keys at say a bush party for example, dropped them in the lake fishing, had the chick take off with them in her suitcase, don't want to take them with you while out hunting, you can do the following. Open the door, arm the alarm (which locks the doors and ignores the open door for now), toss the keys and remote into the car (alarm now realizes the door is closed and re-engages the door sensor) and allows you to walk away. You give it your coded knock and it disarms and unlocks the doors. Tadah!

Compustar Pro, a kick butt alarm and alarm RS.

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that is so cool
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Yeah, that's amazing stuff... good explanation, I like the examples
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yeah great example rob. it would suck to have your car stolen because your drunk buddiy gets mugged lol.
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thanks a lot........but at least there is still the starter cut relay to keep your drunken buddies out.
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I'm getting the Computstar Pro for sure now. Hey Rob, does that knock sensor come with the alarm or is it an extra option?
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also how much is this alarm?
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Autopage has this two

Pretty neat i think

your in the mall etc,and unstead of the person setting off your alarm or calling on your cell phone etc.

they just tap on your windshield or side glass where ever its mounted to let ya know there waiting for ya.

plus i always thought it was a neat safety feat to,lets say someone is trying to steal your rims or what.

This person scares them away,then they knock on your windshield to alert you someone was messing with ya car.
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