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Lower The

You're gonna yourself reading this, it's so hipocritical. These reports have hate all throughout, and then say that we're hatefull. Most of us are respectful between the hours of what, 11am-8pm? I drive around Hamilton a lot and in the past 3 years I've heard at the most 4 stereos with major slap, one yeterday. We're now considered petty audio-thugs that have manufacture-lobbyist backing with no respect for the rights of anyone. What the hell is noise-pollution? Don't tell me the government is going to crack down on loud music and not air pollution first, what a joke, what a waste of YOUR money. How is a right infringed when I have the right to listen to music but someone else at the same time has the right to not listen to my music? That's a hipocritical statement that needs earplugs. If you're this concearned about loud music in your area than MOVE. Why would someone think that if a criminals stereo is taken away the crime will stop? This is saying that the "obnoxious thumping" (hipocritical, if you look up the word obnoxious) is "hardly music", well DUH, you're not in the car hearing the higher frequencies, so how can they say that the 20% of the heard reproduction is? Who the fk is anyone to tell me what music is?

It has been documented by the World Health Organization (WHO) and others that boom car noise:

Causes physical damage at the cellular level - not true
Can damage human organs - not true, what?
Induces hearing loss - for most of, I'd say 80% of the stereos not true
Impedes learning and cognitive development processes - not true, what?
Evokes hypertension - not true, what?
Leads to aggressive behavior - not true, agressive behaviour would have already been there.
Causes stress and sleep loss - not true, you are the sole cause of your stress, and sleep loss isn't true when you wake up and go back to bed within 2 minutes, for most people, when they wake up and go back to sleep the brain hasn't entered it's full conscious state, it's still dreaming and the opinion of not having full rest is exactly that.
Leads to depression - music leads to depression?

"This is just another type of drug (call it the acoustic crack of the 21st century and the users are "bass heads") and therefore requires the same kind of scrutiny." - Right, we're crackheads because we like sound quality or loud music.

"You are leery of confronting an offender for fear you might be shot." - maybe if you're in the hood, yeah, but if you went up to someone in a dangerous area and asked them to hault any kind of activity it's possible you could get shot, and that's also what 911 is for if it's classified as an "offence", you're not supposed to take the law into your own hands.

"Your quality of life is going south because you are constantly distracted from your pursuits by that constant NOISE!" - Quality of life? Give me a break, you're fed, you're clothed, you've got a roof over your head, and anything else is a childish complaint. By opinionating quality of life to such a high expectation is absurd when 80% of the planets population is living in poverty.

"Your family and loved ones may be stressed because they see how increasingly frustrated you are and feel helpless to do anything about it." - If you're causing your family frustration that's stemming from yours and you recognize that your family can't help you than the only thing you can do is help yourself, don't put that on your family.

"Boom car operators are often associated with many other types of crimes." - Taking away the loud stereos isn't going to stop any kind of crime. Wouldn't you rather be able to spot out who is be default associated with crime? How can this be said when studies have not been done? For every person that is jailed, are they asked if they own a loud car stereo? Where is the association, is it possible that it's with your stereotypes? Why are stereo fanatics associated with crime when they are completely seperate?

"The aggressive nature of the perpetrators has directly lead to the murders of innocent victims." - on youtube under the username "noboomcars" there is a report of a guy being shot to death by his neighbour for playing loud music from his car, it's a two-way street. This statement doesn't make sence. How can you say that the population is aggressive because of loud music when before the 80s there was way more mass violence and they didn't have loud stereos?

"Boom car noise is a continual offense to homeowners and recreation seekers." - when is the last time you went to a large recreation area and heard slap? Where else besides a large recreation area should we be allowed to enjoy this?

"Boom cars are often used to announce the receipt of a new drug shipment to a neighborhood." - Wouldn't you rather that happen so you can spot out the crime? Drugs will do a lot worse to a community than the moronic announcement of receiving them, which if that weren't a stereotype it'd be a good thing, why is there a complaint? It's like saying "we can't do anything about it", and it's because you don't have grounds for stereotyping.

"Amplified noise was used effectively as a weapon by U.S. forces to defeat General Manuel Noriega." - Noriega surrendered on January 3, 1990. It was not an "effective weapon", it was used to "prevent the use of parabolic microphones to eavesdrop on negotiations taking place within the embassy."

"There is absolutely no redeeming social, spiritual, economic, or ethical value in the emission of repetitious thumping noises and vibrations that can be heard and felt for over a quarter of a mile." - What do you think god is other than a vibration, and a loud one at that? You can feel gods vibration throughout the universe! Music is uber spiritual, and how is redemption not?

"So, is there really a problem with boom cars? Boom car operators don't seem to think so. That is a big problem." - that's like me saying it's a big problem that you don't find photosynthesis a big problem, there isn't one.

"Providing support to victims of audio terrorism" - What, like, earplugs or councelling because you were frustrated and hit your kid because you heard a loud stereo?

"Boom Car Operators: While some of the offenders are merely misguided Generation Y teens whose mothers never gave them an appropriate swat on the butt or else tried to buy their adoration with expensive stereo equipment, they otherwise tend to be thugs, gansters, gangsta wanna-be's, posers and general run-of-the-mill morons. All of them break the law. Most of them love doing it and don't give a rats *** what you have to say about it. We know from law enforcement that boom car operators are all too often associated with other crimes (drugs, concealed weapons, robbery, parole violation, outstanding warrants, gang activity, driving with a suspended license, and a host of other violations and direct links to more serious crimes). It should come as no surprise, since the type of person that would spend thousands of dollars on intentionally upsetting good people, without regard to their rights, is the same type of person who has little regard for law and authority. Much of what we know about boom car operators is provided by the perpetrators themselves. Many, if not most, letters and e-mails they provide are strikingly similar; short-sighted, vituperative, and riddled with errors in both grammar and logic and expound on the same old invalid excuses for their behavior."

If my intention is to listen to loud music than it doesn't include "intentionally upsetting good people", which goes against mens rea, which when improperly judged IS against the law.

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who the hell wrote this? audio terrorist? leads to depression? my mom never whooped my ***? my mom slapped me last night! this is complete nonsense.
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the best part is the murders thing. the report makes it sound like the guy with the stereo got shot. that seems like the fact is wrong. or maybe the whole arguement is flawed?

and lastly,
You are prevented from performing business or personal endeavors (such as listening to your own music) even when you are IN YOUR OWN HOME, WITH YOUR WINDOWS AND DOORS SHUT, AND YOUR HEADPHONES ON!

man, I wanna meet the guy who can do that and hear his system
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LoL! Looks like their forum is really popular too, with about 10 posts. Sorry, but obviously none of what they list is even remotely describing me as a person.
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"When the music hits, you feel no pain" - Bob Marley
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this is VERY old.
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very old.....

a word to the wise...DO NOT send this Clown any e mails
...I know someone in the US who sent him a color full e mail
and ended up with the FBI knocking on his door ( True Story )

that is one guy who NEEDS to get laid.........................
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lol, i just perused through the homepage, its hilarious!

my favourite is "audio terrorism"

....the gripe as a whole has merit, but this guys credibility goes right out the window with phrases such as above and making bogus claims such as, "leads to depression, impedes learning, ect."
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Yeah..their last post was in 2007!
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