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Never buy a 5 channel amp! here's why

Old 01-28-2009, 08:59 PM
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Never buy a 5 channel amp! here's why

I would never buy a 5 channel amplifier! once you buy one, you have absolutely no upgrade path. A 4 channel and a mono (or 2 channel)would be a better choice!

If you knew 100% that you would never want to upgrade and you were absolutely limited on space then maybe a 5 channel, but otherwise no way.

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Old 01-28-2009, 09:12 PM
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I agree completely.

As for me, I can never do massive system upgrades in one shot. I need to do one part at a time, and I would hate the idea of buying a sub amp and then leaving the sub channel unused on the 5 channel - it just seems wasteful.

That being said - I do think a that 5 channel amps have their place. if I ever get around to upgrading my wife's van, a 5 channel would be nice because her van isn't my primary vehicle. I wouldn't upgrade there. I would just want to get something in the van that is nicer than stock so my ears don't cringe when I have to use the van . . . even then, I would likely buy a 4 channel - 2 channels for the fronts and bridge the rear for the sub. The rear speakers are so far back I wouldn't waste my time upgrading them, or even amping them as I likely wouldn't hear them over the fronts.
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I addition to those negatives, I'll add:
1. many of them share the same power supply for the sub portion and the 4ch
2. the high powered ones (memphis belle mch 1300) are as big as separate amps anyway
3. most have under-powered sub sections

that said...a nice 5 channel can sound very good in a modest set up with minimal install time and effort.
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It is all about what is right for the customers application, not about what we want to sell them. I will be using a 5 channel in one of my own vehicles as it is ideal for what I need it to do.
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I think your statement is totally false.
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I dont like the idea of a shared power supply either.
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I am using the Zapco DC Ref 350.6 and I am quite satisfied... yes it is a 6 channel but I bridged the sub... all positives no negatives I cant wait to use the DSP in it
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the only scenerio where i would consider using a 5 chan is to upgrade from a stock setup and still run a single 12" sub about 300w nothing more
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