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New system ideas?

Old 01-10-2009, 10:11 PM
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New system ideas?

Hey everyone i decided to start a new post as my other one did not go so well, and this time around imm going to ask everyone to post anything they woudl suggest. Let me begin by stating what i want and how much im willing to spend. Firstly, let me begin by stating that this will be my fourth...yes my fourth system. I seem to never be happy with what i have i guess thats because over tthe years i have been listening to what other people suggest and just doing it instead of doing research first. Ok well, let me say that i am a BASS MANIAC. I crave it and want people to hear me from far away. I want people to know i got something serious under their and that it will rock the outta people when they hear it and i want the people in the car to FEEL it. Well i must also add that i own a 2001 volswagen jetta. As i said in earlier posts i had begun to look at the JL audio 10w7 however many people have been saying i can spend hundreds of dollars less and get something just as good. I would like to do only 1 sub by the way not mulitiple subs. My budget for amp and sub is roughly 2000. If i can spend less that would be better however at least thats a rough ballpark of what i want to do. As i said i CRAVE BASS and i want this hopefully to be my last system upgarde. My plan is to hook it up to a Kenwood dnx8120 double din screen. Well thats brief;ly what i want.. If people out there know of some great other subs that can do as good as a job as a W7 or even better for an even better price let me know of the amp and sub combo. The size of the sub does not matter however i only want one, and i figure ill power it with a nice amp. Also if people know of people in toronto ontario and can let me know where to go thatd be great. As for speaakers i have Dotech Ovation 6 by Morel which sound amazing and are powered by an Arc Audio amp they sound very crisp. Also if people out there know where i can get the products you list at a better price let me know thanks in advance everyone.
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Here ya go
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^^^ Yeah, you will never complain about output from this one lol Goodbye trunk space and your hearing. This will put 10w7 to shame.
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ok now the question is do these subs provide the best of both worlds meaning sq and spl..i hear the W7'S provide the best of both worlds
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You seem to have made it clear you only care about one of the worlds...

In any case, the box is what makes or breaks how it will sound.
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Choose one or the other. There is a point in your ability to hear that you will no longer be able to distinguish good sound from loud. It is also more about the box than the sub (still have not quite grasped that one yet have you....). Screw up on the box and the best sub in the world will sound like a wet fart.

If two subs are not a option, neither is a single 18". The box is going to be as large for the single 18" as a pair of 12". I would settle in on a single high output slot port box with a matching 12" like the DD3512. Good for 1200 w rms of handling but known to take more. Give it the power it needs to perform and give it the right box (pour time and effort into the box and it can be shipped to you.....) and you are going to have some amazing results for bass response.
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Go out to your car (I know it is cold) and measure for the maximum width, length and height for you box that you want to have in the car. Make sure this box can also get into the trunk at the same time. No point in building a box to fit the area only to have it not fit through the opening into the trunk. This will give us a maximum amount of airspace that you have, then a choice of sub or subs can be made as well. Box first, sub second, amp third.
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Originally Posted by MR2NR View Post
Box first, sub second, amp third.
Words to live by!
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Instead of changing parts all the time, Sound deadening the heck out of your entire car. If your really into audio it is a necessary starting point. After that, choose how much space you want to sacrifice and how custom you want to go.

Then start looking at equipment that will work best given those parameters. I've found over the years that it doesn't matter what you slap into the car if the car isn't solid and quiet. Then install plays the next most important part....then parts..

for the parts part of it. there's 1600 choices that will do just about aythin you want. most of it depends on hype and trends for reccomendations. Some will say go RE it's the ebst, or go JL, or, DD, or Treo, Or..or..or... etc. There's plenty of great manufacturers, but let that be the last part of the equation.
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how does sound deadening a car makes it loud? have you ever actually tested this to even say something like that?
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