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Opinions on improving my system?

Old 03-04-2012, 03:52 PM
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Opinions on improving my system?

Spring's on the way, time for improvement ideas! :P

Personal Information: I love my current setup but as most car-audio enthusiasts I imagine, I'm always itching for improvements especially after not touching the system all winter. My system is mainly a daily driver for my own listening pleasure, although when spring hits I'm looking forward to actually trying out in a few of the small local competitions this year. I've always been more of an SQ than SPL guy but do crank it up often (SQL perhaps?) and will be seeing what deebeez I can manage to hit up this year, hoping for around 135db+ at my first comp' (hopes probably a bit high for 300w but never know ). Listen to genres of music from mainly Heavy Metal, Hard/Alternative Rock to some Dubstep/HipHop and a touch of Rap. I love really tight bass, and prefer encompassing surround-sound I think, with a noticeable touch of proper sound-staging. I should also note that while I can't stand listening to crappy ≤ 128kbps mp3 recordings, I'm no audiophile by any means. 256-320kbps mp3/mp4 sound great to me, 192kbps VBR are usually fine even.

Vehicle specs:

2000 GMC Jimmy 4x4
Kirkland battery, 1000CA/850CCA
Stock Alt.
- Barely any noticeable light dim on bass hits with engine off, approx 5-8+ hours cranked up stereo without a dead batt.. No light dim with engine running.

Current Equipment:

Sony (DSXS200X)- Three 4v pre-outs/ 7 band EQ/ Listener position calibration.. Internal + External USB, no CD and haven't been able to figure out a realistic/cost-effective workaround for AUX yet.

2 sets of Energy (Klipsch brand I believe) 6.5" components in stock door locations, front tweeters in dash spots pointed in and up towards the windshield. Rear tweets up just above ear level on the pillars vaguely pointed towards middle console between front seats.

Dual 10" Rockford Fosgate P1's 8ohm/ea wired @ 4ohm (2008 version I think; 'P1L-2X10') rated 150w RMS/ea in stock RF ported box, not sure on the cu. ft but it's fairly big.

Alpine (MRP-M500) Class D Monoblock- 500W RMS @ 2ohm, 300w @ 4ohm; CEA-2006 compliant. 24db subsonic filter @ 15Hz. Wired with 8g.

Ultimate (T2-604) (Typo's on their site)- 100w RMS x 4 @ 2ohm, 65w x 4 @ 4ohm. Wired with 8g.

Deadening: In Progress.
Did a bunch of research last year and decided on using roofing material as deadener in the doors (to lower resonant-freq of the thin metal), and thick flooring foam (almost 1" i believe) in the doors to isolate backwaves from the speakers. Only one door is done so far but it works surprisingly well so I'll be continuing that project when it warms up. From HomeHardware i think it was I got 200sq ft worth roofing material + 100 sq. ft flooring foam and other supplies for just over $200! Along with all that I've been using a cheap clay material behind anything that rattles and that works great too.

Any ideas on the most cost-effective possible improvements and/or other comments/questions are welcome!

Current Considerations:
-Line drivers; I believe they go for approx $100 locally, considering trying out one for my fronts but I have no idea if it would be any use to me really, haven't looked into them much.
-Replacing rear speakers with midbass drivers, possibly these 6.5" Kickers off my available rear channels 100w x 2 @ 2ohm (subs rated 50w/ea more..)
-Making small enclosures for my speakers inside the doors assuming that would be even possible with the amount of room and/or assuming the window wouldn't get in the way, which i'm about 90% sure it would. Another thing i'm considering is getting a set of speaker pods, either for the front speakers/ or bringing the rears up front/ or possibly putting midbass in the pods (probably the best option). Downside of doing this though (kickpods) I believe it would put me up a class for SQ competing if they have another one of those locally this year.. does that sound right?

One more thing, as my deck doesn't support CD's, what options would I have if I planned on competing locally? Would I be able to load up my own high-quality samples on my iPod/flashdrive or..?

'Think that's about all I can think of for now, I'll keep an eye out for responses!
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Hey man

First let me just say i've seen you contributing to this site since you've joined so good job man keep it up! it always helps to help others and thats how we all learn.

System looks decent for now but it's clear you need an upgrade and from what i get from your post is your no longer "excited" about your current set up and it appears you want more. ( we all do )

I'd say its all in need of a good upgrade in my opinion especially since your not playing CD's. your going to need a head unit with a 24 bit DAC and USE CD'S. I dont know about most people but CD's are far better quality from vbr mp3's all the way to 320kbs. i noticed a huge difference going from usb to cd's.

this will all depend on your budget and what your looking to spend.. You have lots of space so I'd say use it. here's what I'd do in your situation..

-UPGRADE YOUR WIRING.. 1/0 to distrobution 4ga MINIMUM /big 3 1/0 8 GA SPAGHETTI DOESNT CUT IT
-Concentrate on going as close to active as possible for FULL CONTROL of each channel independently.
-Stick with a front stage and ditch the money invested in your rears and invest in a good set of components.
-MORE POWER - BOTH FRONT STAGE AND SUB STAGE.. example - 150rms to your midbass 75rms to your tweeters and or midrange if you go 3 way. 1000RMS to your sub/s
- SUB/S since you have the space DITCH THAT BRUTAL PRE FAB ENCLOSURE AND GO CUSTOM BOX BUILT TO SPECS. Also i'd do two 12's higher power handling 500rms plus each I.E. Hertz HX300
- make sure you able to keep your voltage up

theres just a few things off the top of my head. Always look to improve as the better your system sounds TRUST ME THE MORE YOU WANT THE MORE YOU BECOME OBSESSED

good luck bro!

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^ that's good advice.

I haven't heard of a comp organization going to digital media yet so if you want to compete you need a CD player.
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Hey Johnny, thanks! it's good to see people appreciate me contributing what I can when possible!

Bass- First off I'm not interested (at this point, but likely down the road) in more power to my subs; I'm only running 4ohm and it's still plenty for now sort of thing, and i don't care much for 12"s from what i've heard, love my 10"s.. but if I can get more efficiency out of my current bass setup that would still be awesome, like you were saying with a proper box for instance would probably be the first thing to upgrade bass-wise.. Only reason I've been hesitant however is even though space is almost a non-existent issue for me, I want a fairly nice looking box! I've seen quite a few custom boxes last year and just couldn't see myself using one like those, aesthetics wise. I have been considering building a custom ported with my Dad some time this spring, apparently he used to make them when he was younger so it shouldn't be too difficult.. But what do you think I could do about looks, maybe steal the RF faceplate off my stock box? would limit my port dimensions.. How big of a difference in output do you think could be gained from a well built enclosure to proper spec vs RF's?

Deck- I love my current deck (surprisingly, considering it's Sony), my last one was a Sony DSX100 and i upgraded to this one for a much nicer display and more options, the faceplate pops down and my iPod goes inside which is a pretty sweet feature (only reason it doesn't have CD) although i found it pretty stupid how this one also had an external USB instead of AUX (not that i use AUX often, it's just nice to have). I thought i could add AUX through the rear RCA input but i haven't been able to find a work-around yet without buying an expensive Sony adapter to turn the feature on.. Another thing is it does have 24bit DAC, something i looked into a bit before i bought this one.
I don't have too many CD's anyway so i mean it's not a big deal to me aside from i don't know what I'll do for competing, and personally i don't buy into the "CD's better than ripped" thing- don't get me wrong though CD's are undeniably better quality than even 320kbps VBR MP4 but i don't consider it noticeable, and if it bothered me I could rip my CD's lossless, which is what i believe to have no difference vs CD, with 24bit DAC; that's just me though.

Assuming i was interested in upgrading the deck though, does anyone have recommendations? I'm pretty picky with my decks and haven't cared for almost anything I've seen locally. i prefer single DIN.

Wiring- I'm definitely regretting wiring with 8g but would running 4g really make a difference for how much power i'm using? i definitely won't be upgrading the Alpine any time soon (hopefully not atleast) but i'm thinking about getting a much more powerful speaker amp so I'd definitely run bigger for that if i did.

Another thing about the components, i really like the sound of my Energy's but the tweeters seem a little cheap, would it be feasible to get a set of RF tweets for instance and just hook them up through the Energy crossovers or is that stupid? No idea yet just throwing around ideas, but something like these or these perhaps? RF speakers seem to be pretty close sounding to my Energy's tonally.

Eventually when i do decide to get a wicked set of components i imagine i would go something like these, but $800-1800 for a pair of speakers isn't something that'll happen anytime soon for me, especially since i'm pretty damn happy with my current speakers.

Any opinions on the midbass in kickpods up front? i'm really considering getting a more powerful 4 channel, 65w x 4 @ 4ohm just isn't really cutting it, but maybe i'm just limiting myself with 8g? and is it weird that i really like having rear-fill speakers? it just seems so empty when i fade 100% front, maybe with more power + midbass it would feel full again but i'm not so sure. the sound seems to get lost in my SUV with only one set of components haha.

So many questions..
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Looks like I scared everyone off.. probably should have things out instead of waiting months and dumping.
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Hello Colton

I'm new here but I had a question on your Ultimate T2-604 amp. I have a daily driver I am looking to install a basic but nice system that don't cost too much. I did come across that Ultimate T2-604 amp and came across it at a decent price. I remember Ultimate back in the day and they were decent amp for the price. I have been looking for more info on it on internet but there just is no info out there. I did find the Ultimate website but it was just a basic site. It said it was manufactured with many of the current technology, AB, Mosfet components. Had some decent specs. But can't find any info or website selling it ether.

I have to wonder if anyone here knows if they are out of business or not? Ultimate Sound.

Please let me know how you liked it.

I wanted to know how it worked for you? Overall was it a decent amp. I'm not looking for loud Bass and SPL, just decent nice sounding to power a set of component in front and a set of 6x8 in rear for fill in. Did that amp work ok ? Give me your take on it.

Or has anyone on this forum used this type of amp and can give comment on it. Please do.

Ultimate has 2 amps I'm looking at T2-604 and the T2-602 anyone know anything about them?

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