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Reviews about JL Audio 10W7 from anyone who owns one

Old 01-09-2009, 11:17 PM
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Reviews about JL Audio 10W7 from anyone who owns one

Hello, everyone i have finally decided to do another system in my car however im hoping this will be my last time changing it as this is my fourth time. I have finally decided on the sub, well at least i think i have. Considering all my explanations to various people that I CRAVE EXTREME AMOUNT OF BASS they have recommended i get a 10 inch W7. And when i say crave i mean i want people to hear me from far. They say for me not to go with a 12 or 13 due to the fact that it will cost me an extreme amount more due to the fact i will need a new battery and an alternator. Furthermore, they said althoughi crave bass it wouldnt be necessary to go with a 12 or 13 because the 10 will rumble my 2001 jetta. If there are any people on here who have one in their car let me know what you think of it if you have any regrets etc. I have listened to it in the store and it was crazy however i could only asume that in my car it would shake the hell outta it and much more. So any helpful insight into this sub is greatly appreciated thanks in advance
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Old 01-10-2009, 12:00 AM
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would one of them be even enough? ive heard good things about them i just dont want to make a mistake should i go for maybe a 12 or a 10 will pound the crap outta my 2001 jetta? previously i had an L7 10 inch solobaric is it even comparable to the JL? I HEARD it isnt even remotley close to this true? some help pleaseee
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Old 01-10-2009, 02:41 AM
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Go try it out at daeler tell them to push it to its limits if u like. Low bass its the sub for u.

If u power it corectly. You'll get what u want if what do you plan on powering it witb?
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Old 01-10-2009, 06:05 AM
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We tried to help you in your first thread but you chose not to respond......
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A single 10 wont do it. Get many cheeper subs and lots of power, that will make you annoying to everyone else like you seem to want.
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if you still have your 10" L7 i'd suggest getting a 2000rms amp and another L7

that'll give you some bump if you make a nice enclosure
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man you are doing this backawards. Amount of Bass depends more on your box and amp power, not the subwoofers you use.

The size of the subwoofer (10,12,15, etc) has no effect on your battery or alternator size whatsoevere, stop listening to idiots.
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ok...i plan on powering it with a 500/1 monoblock slash series amp by JL... yea as for putting another L7 no trunk goin to have to do one sub...i noe the w7 takes alot of trunk space as welll but not as much as 2 kicker L7's... sow aht do you guys think about the W7 overall worth it for what i want...and getting multiple subs wont do it for me
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500 watts on a 10" w7 will give you ever so slight fill in the low bass area, and by no means will be heard outside your car much. If you like bass, you need a bigger sub, like 15" or two 12's, and make sure they can handle at least 1500 watts, cause thats what you will need for heavy bass, and have a big ported box. The more bass you want the more space and money it will eat up.

Even 13" w7 on jl 1000/1 is not enough for bassheads. Someone here is selling RD Audio 1750.1 amp for $300 plus shipping. That amp will do over 1800 watts easy. Thats what you need, and forget about 10" sub. Get something bigger or get two 12s. That same seller has 12" tc-3000, and on that amp it will pound a 100 times louder than your JL combo. tc-3000 has larger cone area and higher xmax than JL, and will take more power too. Much much much better choice.

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wow im so surprised people are bashing the JL w7's everyone goes nuts for those the store they sounded crazy and that wasnt even connected to the right amp apparently what they were trelling me is that if i go with a 12 inch w7 i will need a high powered alternator which will be very costly and a new battery which is an issue thats y apparentyl many people are suggesting that i can really only do a 10 inch w7 and not a 12 or 13.5 because the costs for powering the two would be insanely over what i wanna spend
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