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Reviews and Recommendations?

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Reviews and Recommendations?

Hi everyone, I am new to this site, and reasonably new to car audio, but I am looking to build a killer system. I am trying to decide what subs I would like, and have narrowed it down to a few different brands/models.

I am debating between the following:

MTX 9500 (12 Inch)
Kicker L7 (12 Inch)
RE Audio XXX (12 Inch)
Alpine SWX (12 Inch)
Pioneer Premier (12 Inch)

I could go with a couple of 10s with any of these as well. Either 2 10s or 1 12.

I am looking for a good balance between SPL/SQL, and most importantly quality. I dont want something that will fall apart. Thinking of installing in either a sealed or a slot ported box. Will build with 2 inch MDF. I would appreciate a responsive sub that can be run at around 1000 watts or so. Dont want to have to upgrade alternator etc.

If anyone can comment as to build quality, performance etc. Also approximate required enclosure size as well. I am an industrial designer, and am thinking of doing on of several pretty cool installs.

Finally I am going to run a pioneer deck- anything with USB capability and 5 volt pre-outs. Thinking either MTX, Alpine, or Kicker for amps.

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why the 4 subs you listed ? $ or what ?
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how bout TF One's?
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Mainly because I have read a few vague reviews or have heard them playing. I am familiar with the brand in one way or another.
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I love my MTX 9500 12". Also love my 2 Alpine TypeX 10s as well. I personally would go with the MTX though.
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I would suggest you also look at RD Audio Alpha.
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unfortunately you asked a question to which you'll receive a different answer in every post. At the end of it all, you'll be back to where you are now...having to decide for yourself again. Everyone has a favourite on here, and they'll all give you those suggestions. Honestly, any one of those brands/models are more than capable of delivering good quality, loud, clean bass. All are well regarded in the build quality department. It's really going to hinge on what fits your application...size of box, power available, cost, cosmetics, and ultimately personal preference. Of the ones mentioned, I've listened to the MTX, Alpine, and Kicker most...I liked the Alpine for SQ, the MTX for loud and clean, and the kicker was very good, but my least favourite.
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Look at JL Audio 12W7's
I have always had JL Audio and always will. I have never had one fail me and after years of wailing on them they still sound good no matter what model.
I have 2 12 W7's and I love em. I hit 145.1 in a car full of leather and tuned for sq. They have zero mechanical noise. And the price has just recently become reasonable.
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type x's out of those..

others to look at would be Image dynamics id's, or maxes

Fi has some nice drivers.

I like the Jl w6w7's as well but they are a little pricey.
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hmm cool. Thanks guys- I think I have narrowed it down to an RE XXX, or an Alpine X or the MTX. I am thinking that the alpine or MTX would be best as they dont require tooo much power, and I can find them in calgary reasonably cheap.
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