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Share your Pioneer Audio EQ, Presets ...

Old 01-26-2009, 10:21 PM
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Share your Pioneer Audio EQ, Presets ...

i finally got rid of my sony deck and installed the pioneer deh-p5000ub and wow what a difference. even on 3/4 volume (too loud to go over) my speakers don't crackle up anymore.

My adjustments:
BAL L0 / BAL R/0

L +6
M +6
H +2

EQ2:what the hell is this?
low: 160hz
mid: 1khz
high: 8khz

Q factor: 2w

loudness: off

High Pass filter: at 125khz for front and rear speakers

SW Cutoff: 63hz.

Bass boos: 2+

The only problem is that my subwoofer is so loud that i don't turn my volume up too much. This causes my music to be too low. Anyway to boost volume without boosting subwoofer? or lets put it this way, i want to keep the subwoofer volume the same for higher speaker volume. im new to pioneer decks so i don't know.

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Turn the bass boost down on your deck. That should help to blend the volume to your speakers. What do you have for a subwoofer and box? You seem to have a large gap between your high pass crossover and subwoofer cutoff. You could probably increase the cutoff to something closer to the high pass.

The EQ2 you mention allows you to adjust the center frequencies that you boost on your EQ.

Check your settings on the subwoofer amp. You might be able to turn down the bass boost and gains (depending on how they are set) to blend the volume.

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Hmm my sig is not showing for some reason. My amp is infinity 611a with 12" energy sub. When i disable bass boost i lose almost all base specially at low volume. My amp has a lot of ***** on the side base boost for example is at the middle. Ill try something tomorrow and ill post the results. Btw if i turn down bass boost will it reduce power consumption? Cause my lights dim when sub pounds. Also i have bassworks sealed 12" box.

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i've got that deck in my benz but the memory always resets, and i tuned to sound really good with only speakers, but that eq1 eq2 nonsense is annoying when you have to keep changing it. in my van i got the deh 3800, i started with a powerful preset curve but then made these adjustments: fad 0, bal 0, sla +2, loudness hi, L +2 M +4 H +6, hpf 125, -1:100 (not sure what that part was, just know thats how i set it), bass 0. this setting is copyrighted of course, but feel free to give it a whirl lol. scuba is right though you have a big gap, try setting the sw cut off to 100 hz with hpf at 125
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hey i tried something similar today and it worked great, i love it. and why does it lose memory? mine doesn't maybe you lose connetion to powersource after you turn the car off?

Anyway here is what i tried for R&B type music and i love it

fad 0, bal 0, loudness off, hpf 125, h +4, M +3, L +4, SW Cut: 80Hz, Bass 0, disabled bass boost on amp, Q-Factor 2W

wow the results is unbelievable, specially soft songs on my energy front speakers are amazing, so crips...the sub no longer bothers and it acts the way i want it.
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On my 980BT, Loudness stays off. No boosts on either amp. I use the factory time alignment settings with both driver and front passenger position selected. Eventually I'll yank the head unit to get to the imput jack for the microphone so I can try the auto t/a and auto eq. Mighty nice that Pioneer includes everything you need to run an auto tuning program without making you buy some separate module at extra cost like Alpine. I tried it with the driver only, made me feel like the soundstage was not in front of me but slanted diagonally across the car from the front left windshield pillar to the rear right pillar. Front components are high passed at 63HZ, rears high passed at 80. Sub low passed at 80.

I dont remember precise eq settings but it's a 16 band graphic. I've been very sparing with it so far. 1db cuts at around 21 and 36 HZ to smooth out some 'boominess' issues in certain blues songs. 50 HZ is neutral. 80, 125, and 200 get 1db boosts for some more up front bass and fuller vocals. 1DB boosts on frequencies ranging from 1500 to 3200 HZ for a bit more guitar attack. 1 db cuts on 12.5K and 20K HZ to smoothen out brightness on strings and remove a bit of excess airiness from cymbals. No boosts more than 1 decibel, equal number of small cuts and boosts to strengthen the frequencies I want but at the same time lessen the frequencies that obscure them. No smiley face or V-shape like alot of people will tell you you're supposed to do. The fader is about 2 or 3 to the front, with time alignment I find the rear fill is already much less obtrusive as it is without having to fade out those rears and loose the extra loudness.

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