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Two Alpine SWR-1222D powered by Alpine MRD-M1005 | Enclosure assistance?

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Talking Two Alpine SWR-1222D powered by Alpine MRD-M1005 | Enclosure assistance?

Hey everyone, this is my first post and am hoping to gather some assistance from you all. I've done a lot of searching regarding my question, however I need more concrete answers for the outcome I am looking for. Anyway, to the point.

I just bought an Alpine MRD-M1005 monoblock amp, and I am going to be buying two Alpine SWR-1222D subs to pair into it. They'll be wired so the amp sees a 2 ohm load, so each sub will be getting 500W RMS. I've been leaning a lot toward a sealed enclosure, as I prefer tight and responsive bass that has a punch to it you really feel. Now, with what I have just said, you think the answer to me question would be quite simple right? Well, it isn't, because I see so many different facts thrown out there about sealed and ported enclosures that I don't know what to believe.

So, to the juice! I've heard that a sealed enclosure is good for what I am looking for, however it isn't very loud. I wan't my setup to really pound, not competition loud or anything like that (obviously not with what I'm getting), but loud enough that the bass wont be drowned by anything; this is of course while retaining SQ. With a sealed enclosure I've also heard that the efficiency isn't that good, or that it wears out a subwoofer quicker than a ported enclosure would. Is this true? With a 1000W RMS amp @ 2 ohms powering both of these subs, will loudness even be an issue with my subs in an sealed box? With this much power being put into the subs, is reliability in a sealed box an issue?

Basically, to sum it all up:

Box type: Sealed.
Bass goals: Quality, tight, responsive, punching with good volume.
Concerns: Reliability, efficiency.

If anyone would comment on this, I'd really appreciate it. I will be putting this in a 2001 Integra, so that gives you an idea of the space I have available. Also, I know people will suggest I get something other than the setup I am getting, however the amp is already on the way. I could change the subs, as I haven't ordered them yet, so if you do have any suggestions available, shoot. As far as I know, what I have on the way will be more than enough for my ride.
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It sounds like you got things pretty much figured out. Is space an issue? If not I would go with a ported box tuned low. Those Type R's really pound in ported boxes and tuning it low will still give you good SQ. Either way ported or sealed I don't think you'll be disapointed with that setup.
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I've read this, it's very convincing
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that works well if you like all your boxes tuned to 45hz..
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I think this will help you out. I just designed my new system around two Alpine swr-1244d(dual 4ohm), using a small sealed box as space was a very large issue for me this time around. I have not put the alpines in as yet, but I had 3 Infinity ref 1230w's in my garage, so I decided to put two of them in to get an idea of output. I'm using a different amp, a Hifonics bx 1205d, but it is similarly rated to the Alpine mrd, and right now there is approx 900 watts @2 ohms going to the Infinity subs. To my surprise the output, while not as loud as my previous set up with 3x12" infinity subs and a big *** ported box(4cubes), is extremely good and sounds excellent. I can only imagine that with the Alpines and the Hifonics running at 1 ohm(1200 watts), that the output will be even greater and if the SQ is even the same, I will be more than happy. The box is a sealed, 3/4" mdf, that is exactly 1.75 ft^3 gross as per Alpine's spec. All my gains are set moderately, and all boost and equalization is off. The subwoofer control is set to '0' for big bass heavy songs, and it is crossed at 80hz with a 18db/oct slope, additionally since I just installed a pxa-h701, I decided to try the sub high pass filter set at 20hz and 30db/oct great to tighten up the bass, no muddy undertones. Anyway, hope it helps. I will let you know how the Alpines sound when I put them in.
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I dont really get the sealed box, I have 2 12" swr-1240's in a ported enclosure running off a mrd-m500 @ 2 ohms and it POUNDS....I also have a sealed box ( love my metal), and wanted the tight punchy bass like you asked for, it sounded like crap! I threw in my ported box and my low end is super low, but my tightness sounds better in a ported box...Weird...but thats just my two cents worth ... if you had more room I would recommend a bigger ported box...but either way you will not be disappointed!! they are going to be loud no matter what...
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Thanks for the replies guys, you have been helping my choice. I've also come across some more technical information regarding those subs and the enclosure I want, and it is leaning towards sealed a lot more now. I think I'll probably go with that.

However, there is something else that caught my eye. A sub by Power Acoustik, the FX-15W, seen here:

Has anyone heard of this subwoofer before, or know anything about it? It would also be a perfect match for my amp, and it looks like it can really pound; although I'm going more for SQ. What would be the benefits and downfalls of going to one 15" over two 12"s? More than likely this subwoofer isn't very good in the SQ department.

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Sorry, having never tried the PA, I can't offer an opinion about that sub. Having used a couple of Alpines for boxes for friends, I would suggest that you stick with them over the PA tho. The Alpines are a quality brand, and with that much clean power to them, they will get loud enough to hurt your hearing.....

If your concerned about space, a pair of good 10s in a ported box is another option. Tuned right, they'll go low, and upper bass will be tighter (the "punch" you mentioned) than the 15"......

It's really up to your there anywhere around you that you could listen to a couple of different types of enclosures?

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