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My old car was written off after I was hit by a drunk driver, now I am planning my new system for my "new" car. I am looking at buying a 5 1/4" component set to mount in the front kick panels of my car. I also take 6 1/2" on the rear parcel shelf, do you recommend I do the "rear fill" thing there with 6 1/2" midrange drivers capped at 4500hz or so? How about putting a complete component set there also, with tweeters aimed forwards of course. Will this kill my imaging? I was going to do a sealed box subwoofer setup in the trunk, with a big port up through the middle of the parcel shelf. Anyhow, I have a Rockford 600A4 amp to run the front and rear speakers, and an MTX Thunder 801D to run the sub, with 3.0 Farad capacitor. Head unit will be Alpine CDA-9815.

I have been looking at component sets, and was wondering how you guys compare the following: JL VR series, Infinity Perfect, Infinity Kappa, Alpine Type R, Alpine Type X, Boston Acoustics Pro Series, Focal Polyflex, CDT Classic, Polk Momo, Rockford Fosgate Fanatic Q. What are the strengths/weaknesses of each of these, does anyone know? How do they compare? If I go with simple midrange drivers for rear fill, what are the best 6 1/2" speakers for good midbass? As for the front 5 1/4" components, I would like decent midbass, accurate tweeters and midrange, but not super bright on the tweeters. I am not an MB Quart fan. Any advice?

Also, what is a nice 12" SQ sub that will do nicely in a sealed box? I have been looking at Infinity Perfect 12, Boston Pro Series 12.5LF, Alpine Type R, JL Audio 12W6v2, Audiobahn Alum12Q. Any comments on these? Do you recommend anything else?

On all the stuff I am looking at, price is a factor, I want the best performance for the money. If something is only marginally better but costs almost twice as much, then it's not worth it to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Firstly, I think rear fill is a total waste of money. Spend the money up front on better front stage speakers.

I think you should consider selling the cap as it's doing nothing to improve your sound quality and it's money that can be spent elsewhere.

What car is your "new" car going to be........ another bee-mer?

What's your budget........... hard to advise without knowing what you want to spend.

DIY-er install?
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I don't have much personal experience with the component sets you mentioned above, but one brand you may want to consider is CDT. They have some fantastic component sets that do not break the bank. For the rear, I would recommend against using a component set. A decent pair of coaxial speakers will do the trick in the rear. Spend the money you would save on better front stage speakers.

As for a SQ sub, I'm a huge fan of the Image Dynamics IDQ series. Fantastic sounding subs in small sealed enclosures. They are not overly expensive, and handle a moderate amount of power. JL's W0 and W3 series subs also sound great in sealed enclosures, and are not overly expensive.
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check into rainbow component sets. see www.ciaengineering.com
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^ I think he's looking for an in-expensive set of speakers.

I'd look into Focal Access for your front end. I think they'd be the best 450-500 bucks you can spend. They are smooth, and image very nicely, they have a nice warm sound, they actually remind me of Utopia's.

As for a 12" sub, I like IDQ's and I'm hearing great things about Lambda subs, although I haven't heard anybody talking about them on this forum....but you're the guy that has to listn to the equipment, nobody can decide for you what you should buy.
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I can only speak from what I've learned and have. The Mini's running Infinity referance, 10 driver in back shelf ( sealed ) 6 1/2 front and oh 5 1/4 rear. Your front stage is the most important, I've got rear fill almost shut of. It sound real good and didn't cost my first born! Do you home work and remember there are no stupid ???s
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The cheaper Rainbow speakers are still awesome. Another option could be CDT HD's, or Crystal Mobile's CSc's. Or the popular JL XR's.

Those will all run around $300.
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And for a subwoofer, how about an Elemental Designs O series? Very purty woofers.
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I would just have to say, it all depends on how much $$$ you want to spend. I completly agree that you shouldnt waste to much time on rear fill, and focus on the front end. If you want great sound you have to spend the money, I'm runnin JL XR653 3 way set up, and I would have to say that it is the best I have heard, I cant speak for Rainbow or CDT ect, as I havent heard them at all, I have read lots on them, but that dont mean to much till you hear them
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I suggest the IDQ series of subs. Want to save a few bucks, buy the ID series as they are almost identical.

I can only suggest AGAINST a set of components to stay away from at all costs. ID Chameleons. Mine have been returned (count em) 4 times and STILL have no replacement woofers for my last set. I won't bore u with the details but none of the problems were my fault.
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