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JL Audio C2 650 components running of a JBL GTO 4-channel amp

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JL Audio C2 650 components running of a JBL GTO 4-channel amp

Hi all, I'm brand new to car audio so forgive me if the question sounds like it has an obvious answer.

What is the function on my head unit of slope and db? I need to know it's practical application.

I love clarity of vocals and instrumental with low, deep hard bass (don't we all !) - hence why I am expecting an L7 15" in a box tuned to 35hz powered off a brutus elite 1100rms at 1ohm (showing off sorry).

How would I set db and slope to achieve the above so as not to damage my speakers? That includes the subwoofer. I listen to mainly reggae and hip hop.

Any help will be much appreciated people
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A crossover does not totally stop the frequencies past its set point. It decreases the volume of them gradually. If you have a subwoofer crossover of, say, 60hz at 12db slope, this means that frequencies on octave above that, ie 120hz, will be 12db attenuated than those at 60hz.

A steeper slope cuts off the frequencies you don't want to hear faster. For a sub this can make them sound less muddy. For tweeters it can make a power handling difference.

If you really have no idea, make them as steep as you can. Playing with slope on Low Pass filters won't hurt anything. Playing with slope on High Pass filters can potentially hurt your speakers as it lets more low frequency information through.

The dB part of it is to increase or decrease the relative output of that driver to help match it compared to the rest of speakers.

What options do you have for frequency and slope on that amp?
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Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply to my thread, I really appreciate the comments and took as much on board as possible. If you look at image three as per link above it should show you the settings/options on the amp.

If the image does not appear I have the following amp settings/options:

X-over: Freq 32 - 320Hz, LPF - Flat - HPF >>> FRONT

X-over: Bass boost: 0dB - 12dB, BP, Off, LPF - Flat - HPF, Freq 32hz - 320Hz >>> REAR

These are the settings that are available at my disposal.

Any set up I should aim for?


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