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Might as well get this topic over with early.

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Originally Posted by Hardwrkr
Might as well get this topic over with early.


LOL yea ... hopefully lots of the pro's post in this section with lots of information( and the right information) im hopein i can learn lots :P haha

Cap's is a topic i really want to learn about, i hear they do nothing, that they make things worse, and they help make things last a little longer. I doubt ill get a straight awnser from this thread...but hopefully it will help to expand my knowlegde of caps.

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Question 2 batteries +cap

i have a cap question. i `m going to be adding another battey to my system since i got my new alt, and i was told to keep my 1 farad cap as well?

should i loose it? or run it with the two batteries?
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Here is what David Navone recently said on the subject over @ carsound:

Actually it is possible to "Stiffen" the car's nominal 12 Volt DC power supply with the addition of Stiffening Capacitors. If the aftermarket power amplifiers are causing the car's Voltage to drop, it's possible to add sufficient Stiffening Capacitance to maintain a higher Voltage. But the energy stored in the Stiffening Capacitors cannot be lost in the cabling and connections (inductive losses)... Which is typically the case. This is why only the Stiffening Capacitors with the lowest ESL, and the shortest power cable runs, should be used. How many big caps does it take? The answer depends on the quality of the cap, termination, cable parameters, power amplifiers, load conditions, software, etc. Lots of variables.
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don't know why this simple topic always seems to gets complicated or heated up about the Pros and Cons of its function.

The capacitor are also used in 110VAC shop tools, and its been used for years..... like in compressors, table saws, dust collectors and even bench sander, etc...... mainly to compensate the start up surge, so it doesn't trip the breaker. and Yes! if the caps are totally drained from a long start up it will be a load. and will make things worst and trip the breaker. BUT..... 90% of the times it helps the power surge.

In an 12V audio system it is quite similar..... when the bass demends the power that instant. the cap will compensate the sudden surge. but if it is a long bass note played at very high level..... it will not help period! Its just common sense......
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To reiterate what ^ he said.

For SQ they can be effective at compensating for power line surges due to musical transients. If you listen to lots of heavy sine-tone bass, they're effectiveness is limited.

For SPL - very few people support using caps in SPL oriented systems. The cap does do it's job but is quickly depeleted and then becomes another load on the charging system.

And even if you are adding a capacitor to a SQ system - don't expect that it will make a massive difference in sound or fix a handicapped electrical system. Overexpectation is probably the biggest error people make.
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thanks guys i understand alot better now...
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Exactly, for demands of bursts of power, caps are great. They are useful in "burping" applications, and as Dukk said they help in SQ... However, they are not to me mistaken for another power source, they are just basically power storers, or relays that can produce quick amounts of power on demand, but not over extended periods of time.
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thanks i was gonna get one , but now i will spend my money elsewhere. ty again
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I can honestly recommend anyone getting a capacitor, to save your money and do the Big 3 to your car. Caps aren't exactly cheap, I know for a fact Streetwires ones for example rape your wallet, but instead of spending $150 ona cap, spend $50 on the "Big 3", and you will get the same effect but for less money.

I will make a thread on the Big 3 if someone likes.
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