Finals Road trip(s) Discussion/planning/etc. of the IASCA/USACi/DB Drag Finals road trip(s)

Thanks from SPL Inc.

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Thanks from SPL Inc.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us enjoy Finals this year!

Yuli What can I say? CRX God!!! We thank you for everything from the unit, the equipment, the drive down to the numbers you helped us achieve in the pit stall. Congrats on your St B score of 156.6! You are definitely the Competitor of the year due to your accomplishments and for all of the help and support that you have had for your fellow Eastern Canadian competitors. Thanks again Yuli, SPL Inc wouldn't be who we are without you!

Equipment We want to thank American Bass Bob and Nick for all of their support with our subs and amps for the 2008 season. We have run the same amps since 2007 and never had a problem. As for batteries for finals, we decided to try something other than Kinetik and we had many batteries to choose thanks to the other competitors. We thank Jordy for his Power Cell 4000 and Yuli for a 2150. In the end we went with NSB which we thank Don Deezy Citrate Doyle and Ed Pacheco.

Canadians -

Jordy and Team 2Loud4You for the help and support all season and at Finals.
Yuli, both Georges, Don, Shiad, Nick and John for the help and support on the way down and at Finals.
Jay Jones I Hate Car Audio! You are such a character, legendary of course. Nice costume.
Julie for the cupcakes Awesome. Great job Dr. Adams with your car this season.
Les Congrats on your engagement and your score at Finals with the Yaris.
David and Deb That is one loud trunk! Always a pleasure seeing you two.
Team RipRock pleasure meeting you guys. Great score guys especially with your door issue.
Team Trinlect sorry about your luck Fred. I know that things will be better next year.
Team Custom Dale Congrats on your National Street C win! You deserved it!
Martine, Irene, Best Buy, Ed and Amy for your support from back home!

Americans -

Always a pleasure James, Vernon, Jeff, Dr Pharma Farmer, TJ, Rad Bolt, Bill and Erie.
Pleasure meeting Team Neo Eric thank you for all of your advice and help and congrats on your score! Jeremy Keith, great meeting you, you are a stand up guy!

We thank all of you and dB Drag for the fun Finals and we wish you all the best of luck for the 2009 season.

Thanks again.

SPL Inc.
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Originally Posted by NTOXKTD View Post
I am thinking you can thank me for the NSB 90 and I didn't even know I lent it to you. Thanks Don.

WOW Richard, you seem to amaze me everytime with your ignorance... even after I think I have seen it all you open your mouth again and freaken stick your foot in it. I can't believe how into yourself you are that after a long post like the one SPL Inc. wrote all you could comment was about yourself! Oh poor Richard... you didnt get thanked for a battery that was used that Don was so generous enough to lend SPL Inc. that they did not know was yours. Would you like them to send you a thank you card? Will that make it all better?

I am sorry but finals was about the help and support that Canadians showed to each other down there... from what I heard it was like a family down there, everyone worked together and helped each other as much as they could for the fact of helping out a fellow canadian and not for the glory of it... and all you can do is think about yourself...

all I can say to you now is my favourite word that my great Hamilton boys introduced to me... this explains to a tee what I think of you right now!!

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Originally Posted by NTOXKTD View Post
I am thinking you can thank me for the NSB 90 and I didn't even know I lent it to you. Thanks Don.
ASKING to be thanked? Are you SERIOUS? By thanking Don for the use of the battery THEY WERE THANKING YOU, idiot...

They had no idea that the battery Don lent them was yours. It came directly from Dons car and even HE called it his battery all weekend.

See... a regular person who isn't a self indulgent tool says "Hey guys, the battery that Don lent you was actually mine, glad it was able to help you out on the weekend!"

Instead you make yourself look like a whiny bitch because "baby didn't get his hugs this morning"

For saying you try and claim everything that you do is "for the love of the sport" every time you open your mouth you show that it's for the love of YOU.

You want to know what love of the sport is? How about Don, Shahid, Adam, Jay, Nick and all of the wife's/gf's that made the trip? THAT'S the love of the sport. Not putting on shows, bitching when you don't make a profit and then trying to ruin a GOOD moment for some people who had a very rough weekend by trying to call them out for not giving you a few little letters on a message board?

As Martine said... you're a degenerate...

Btw... you may be reading this and saying "why is this guy able to mouth off like that. If I talked to others like that on the board I'd be banned".. guess what, it's one of the perks I have for putting up with ***-hats like you all the time. I'm sure there's gonna be a call to Rick when you read but I really don't care. You've crossed the line.
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Technically it is rich's batt, which im buying off him, so thanks rich for giving me the battery before i paid you for it, so i could in turn loan it to spl inc.

Im glad it was of use to you guys, and id gladly take any heat over it from anyone who wants to start any. I had a great time hanging, helping, watching and learning all weekend with everyone. Like i said in another post, this year there was a real feeling of being 1 big team, instead of 3 or 4 small pockets of canadians scattered around. Awesome work guys, hopefully ill be in the lanes with you all again next year!
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sorry for the late posting but I just got back into town

Congrats to SPL INC...
awesome showing... you guys made Canada proud...
its a shame you didnt have an opportunity to show everyone what the real score in the vehicle was...

Look forward to seeing whats in store for 09
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LOL at Jordy...he needs to ban himself now...but he will probobly just ban Richard after Richard posts a reply lol
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^^ lol .... RW won't reply... he'll call Rick... THEN I'm gonna get banned
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I like old skool!

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No one ever thanks me, and truly, I am the key to all of your success.

Thread locked until I get a thank you card. And please, no one call me.
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Thanks for ruining our fun....

(good enough?)
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