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another reason why sanctioning is a waste of time and money

Old 02-23-2009, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by defro13 View Post
so out of curiosity i called to see if i could become a iasca judge, seeing as how we are having shows, if they would give us the sanctioning for free(its always been a issue for me to pay for iasca or usaci sanctioning) i would pay all the travel costs, show costs, trophie costs, and judge all the shows .....etc.......and they tell me the only way to do it is to go to springbreak nationals(florida) at a large cost to myself, or go to a triple point event (only in ontario) again at a large cost to me, i said thanks....but no thanks.....and they wonder why iasca is a dead issue out west......i want the 2 minutes iasca just wasted of mine back.....but it was refreshing to be reminded why we dont bother wasting our time and money sanctioning shows......thanks iasca
gotta train the judges correctly
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If I can get a degree on line from a recognized university, surely IASCA can pull their head out of their derriere and come up with a viable option to train judges that are from the west, Canada, international or whatever the case may be.
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Originally Posted by MR2NR View Post
If I can get a degree on line from a recognized university, surely IASCA can pull their head out of their derriere and come up with a viable option to train judges that are from the west, Canada, international or whatever the case may be.
Sure you can, but it's not free.. In fact, one day I was curious so I looked into it and it cost as much, and in some cases more, than taking classes locally.

IASCA is a business - they don't do free. No sanctioning body of any sport I can think of does.
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How do you think I feel out here in Montreal.. No way they will spend the money to translate the rules into french. We tried a few years to get AudioDrag going but it just couldn't make enough oney to cover everyone's time
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So without a sanctioning fee... how can there be a sanctioning body? Without income a business can not survive (and yes I pay the sanctioning fee too). If you have a better idea I would love to hear it.
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Daves SQ is better than iasca anyways.
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PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE. Here we go again about IASCA being to strict, to expensive, money hungry, and best of all to high and mighty. ITS ALWAYS NEGATIVE from people who like to post on various websites, which is funny because nobody ever says these things to me in person.

Just ONCE it would be cool if everyone knew all the facts instead of thinking they do. AND YES SHOWS COST MONEY AND YES IASCA IS A BUSINESS.

I for one have been trying for two years to get a judges training to take place in B.C. There always seems to be lots of interest but when it comes time to finalize the details the talks come to a halt.

All it would take is for someone to find a place to hold the training, get some participants and I will work with them to arrange for one of IASCA's trainers to come out there and conduct the class.

IASCA sets our standards very high and YOU CANNOT BECOME A JUDGE unless you attend one of these trainings. HECK, I AM A Certified World Trainer and I have to attend this years training at SBN to continue my active status. Nobody is special enough not to have to attend a training.

Its alot to ask for someone to think they could just buy a rule book from IASCA and think they are ready to judge shows. I cant begin to tell you how many times I hear from people who they think they can judge car stereo systems with out training of any kind, only to have them find out the hard way that they were wrong. It takes alot of hard work and willingness to learn from the pro's to become a good judge.

IASCA always wants to have the best judges possible to evaluate the amazing systems people spend there hard earned money on. Shows are not cheap to attend especially in todays economy and I for one would feel more comftorable paying money for a show if I knew there were going to be qualified judges to score my car. Nothing worst then leaving a show feeling you got inconsistant judging and it was a waste of your time and money attending. Win or Lose, if you feel good about your exprerience, you will be back, to try again with all the improvements you made to your system from the judges comments.

Bottom line people if you want a judges training out West or in Quebec please call me and I will pull my head out of my #$%(sorry couldnt resist..LOL) and help you. I am always only a phone call away and willing to help in anyway I can.
But no matter what everybody who wants to judge has to attend a IASCA training!!!!!

Lastly Sikk, there are more problems out in Quebec then just getting the rules written in FRENCH. I am more them willing to discuss them with you in person but I will not go into detail over the internet. All I will say is we have good people in Quebec who are wanting to compete and I am willing to put shows on out there myself but I need a pool of judges before I can hold shows. Bringing judges in from Ontario is to expensive, and that adds to much cost to the show.

I want IASCA to grow in CANADA and it takes more then myself or Moe to make it happen. It takes a team of people and lots of dedication to make it happen in a counrty of this size.

If anybody wants to discuss how to promote a show, training or the cost involved just contact me.

I am currently working out the details on where to hold this years training in Ontario as I have to find a new home as Mobile Dynamics shut there doors. I am also working on having a IASCA competition series Sponsor, which would be great for everybody. I will keep you posted.

Be safe and heres looking to a successful 2009!

Email- [email protected]
- [email protected]
Phone- 1 888 811 6336
Cell- 905 431 0282
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