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how loud can you go without experiencing hearing loss

Old 12-21-2004, 10:27 PM
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HI guys. I'm really concerned about my hearing, yeah, I love big stereos, but not at the expense of myself losing my hearing in my later years. I was told 120 DB is as loud as you can go before you start experiencing hearing loss. I was also told by somebody else that its distortion that primarily hurts the ears. (as in crap subwoofers, or boxes that aren't built right) I dont know how loud exactly is 120 DB, but I just want to know. I thought I'd post this in General SPL, but I thought this would be better. Anyway, your expertise would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys
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rigth up to the point you go deaf
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Well it all depends on what you're talking about... if you're talking about a one time exposure then the number is huge... but if you're talking about long term (continuous) exposure then the number is tiny... something like below 70dB... so basically if you even have a half decent factory system turned up loud, most doctors will say that it COULD have some adverse hearing implications.

If everyone was worried about their systems causing hearing loss, then the industry wouldn't be where it is. I have a friend that is legally deaf (born that way, has to sign) and my system caused him discomfort.
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CNOHS limits are 90dB'A'SPL for 8hrs and 102dB 'A'SPL for 0.5hrs

What this means is that you can sustain levels at or below 90dB 'A' for up to 8hrs before the possibility of hearing damage will occur.

'A' - means a weighted results. The SPL meter used to measure the sound will be set to put more emphasis on the higher frequencies.

Hearing loss is a function of time, frequency and ouput. You can sustain higher SPL's at low frequencies longer than you can with high frequencies.

Distortion doesn't make a difference.
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Took the words right out of my mouth.
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just use your head when you are listening. once in a while loud is alright. I've been listening to high end tunes for over 20 years and my hearing is near perfect( had it tested when my kid went for hearing check up). I listen to most of my tunes at reasonable levels, i like to know when the fire truck is on my a**. every once in a while when the mood hits me, I crank it and scare the old lady in the cavalier next to me.
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i dont think anybody has perfect hearing. from the moment your born your hearing pretty much gradually goes downhill.
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[ December 22, 2004, 06:09 PM: Message edited by: Eli47 ]
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Originally posted by Eli47:
Well no crap, if everybody was near deaf or hard of hearing, there wouldn't even be this industry, what a stupid remark. Perserving your hearing allows you to enjoy music, no hearing.. then whats the point
[img]graemlins/banghead.gif[/img] DUH!!!
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