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Just wondering..

Old 08-08-2007, 06:16 PM
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Just wondering..

Me and a bud installed in his eagle talon my Visonik 900XD amp (1500W @ 1 ohm/750W @ 2 ohm) and two sealed Eclipse SW8200's. Gains all the way up for both setups. The Eclipse's were getting a little more than half the RMS power (375W each). When I switched them out for my 05 RE XXX 12/sealed, using the full 1500W, it wasn't nearly as loud as the Eclipses. I thought in order to double output, you either need twice the cone area or twice the power? I doubled the power for the 1 sub, so should it not be nearly as loud? The Sw's have poor efficiency also, 81dB/1W! There was quite a difference in volume. I'm kind of dissappointed in my XXX, but I guess there's no replacement for displacement! They move a lot more than I thought they would (SW: 38mm one-way I think, and 33mm for the XXX). I think I'm going to sell the XXX and go with 2-4 SW8200s, great sub!
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gains all the way up?

Im pretty sure you are right, double the cone area or double the peak to peak travel to double your volume.

Sooo, assuming you can hit Xmax with 750 watts to each eclipse and assuming that they travel about the same distance as the XXX, then your displacement will be doubled by using the eclipses, problem solved.
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im curious y the gains are all the way up, you do realize thats not a volume and only ment to match the line voltage out of your hu. anyhoo im just curious what your expecting and what kind of an enclosure that your running.... there is no magic box and no magic sub you have to build it right to make it sound right, and im also curious how do you really know what kind of wattage your getting to the subs...... ? i know how to get the wattage output from an amplifier but do you ?
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There are two gains, one says gain, the other says bass EQ. They are both all the way up because it got louder when I turned them up. Both enclosures (one for 2 12's, one for my 1 12), are both custom built. The single 12 box is double baffled and braced, which is 1.56 external but it worked out to like 1 cuft internal. I seriously doubt that the amp is pushing out what it says, and no I don't know how to measure amp output, but I'd like to! Why do two woofers get louder than one woofer with the same excursion limits (not that it totally matters) with less than half the power?
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dont use bass eq/boost. you will ruin the subs.
check the voltage. you may not be even close to the output that the amp is rated for.

box has a lot to do with this, don't you think?

tried winisd yet?

eclipse subs need a huge box for a 12 to yield a flat response, otherwise there's gona be a hump. you haven't specified what box they are in, but I can guess that if you just purely theoretically model a pair in winisd in say 3 cube sealed enclosure with 1500 to this system, you will see that they are louder and have a hump in like 40hz region because of the high total Qtc (>1) of the system.

on the other hand the re sub should be more flat, in a system with Qtc <1 in a box of about 1cube. i don't have it modeled, I used adire brahma which models almost the same.

you are hearing totally different frequency response here.

try winisd, its fun for fuking around.
in car response is a totally different world though.

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Thanks for the info Dima. If I turn the gain & bass EQ down, I think it will really affect the volume, because it only gets loud when the deck is at -20dB to 0dB (out of 82 notches!). Or would it change that? What is Bass EQ? The voltage I will definetly check, the car doesn't run and neither does the alt, so there is a battery charger on it. The box the Eclipse's are in are sealed chambers, each probably 1.3-6 cuft, it's bigger than what they sell @ audio shops for sealed boxes. Yes, there is a hump around 40hz (I tested with tones). The SW's aren't getting 1500W because it's wired into 2 ohm, so it's 750W being split, so they see 375W each (much less than the XXX did). I'll get winisd or something and do some testing.
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