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New to car audio. Could use some advice

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New to car audio. Could use some advice

Hi all. I have a 2003 Tiburon that still has the stock radio in it and I want to update the HU and get a sub/amplifier. I don't really know much about if they should be wires in series or parallel and at what ohm, etc.

Subs - MTX TNP212D2 Dual 12-Inch Subwoofer
(is this overkill for a tiburon)?

Radio - Pioneer - 50W x 4 MOSFET In-Dash CD Deck with MP3 Playback and Detachable Faceplate plate/1149632.p?id=1218225362200&skuId=1149632

Amplifier - Pyramid PB717X 1,000-Watt 2-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier (not really sure if I should be looking at a mono amp, 2 channel, etc. I will have two front, two rear speakers and the two mini's that are on the dash. sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending

These are just a few choices I'm looking at and was wondering if this will be a viable combination of parts that will work in my car. I'm looking at spending up to $350. Less if possible.

I'm open to any other suggestions because like I said, I'm very new at this!


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Welcome to the boards Philthy. And yes, after reading through your post and seeing the equipment you have in mind at the moment, you're very new to this. But that's alright. There's a lot to learn.

Your best bet will be to start with replacing your Head-unit.
But first, here's a couple questions you should answer.
1. Do you have a cellphone (Smartphone) with Bluetooth connectivity?
2. Do you plan on upgrading, then amplifying any of your door speakers?
3. Will you be comfortable in the long run, with taking up so much room in your hatch with a large subwoofer box?

If you have a Smartphone, I highly suggest you get a deck with Bluetooth connectivity built-in. Most states/provinces have put laws in place that make hand-held devices illegal. A Bluetooth enabled head-unit will allow you to receive incoming calls - they have a microphone that gets attached to the back side, and it's routed to somewhere near your head, and you'll hear the other person's voice from your car speakers. When the call is over, the unit will automatically pick up from where it left off. Some of these Bluetooth connected head-units will have Bluetooth audio. So if you have song or movie files on your phones, it can play the audio content wirelessly through the Bluetooth connection.

Another thing to consider when amplifying all, or part, of a system is the number of RCA outputs, and their signal strength, from the source-unit.
The Pioneer deck you linked to has one pair of pre-outs, which would be the minimum requirement to run an amp. I would suggest getting a deck with at least 2 sets of pre-outs. Then, if you decide to amplify a new set of front door speakers, you wouldn't have to replace the deck.
The Pioneer's pre-out voltage is 2 volts. In and of itself, a 2 volt pre-out isn't a bad thing. It refers to the strength of the signal that gets sent to the amplifier via the RCA cables. However, when a weaker signal is sent to an amplifier, it's settings have to be increased to match the output of the same amp getting a stronger 4 or 5 volt signal. Running an amp at increased settings can reduce the longevity of the amp, and can create extra "noise" from the amplified speaker(s). That's why sending a stronger signal to the amp is recommended. Your amp will work more efficiently, and the output signal to your subwoofer will be cleaner, which results in less of a chance of ruining your sub, as well. And since your probably looking at an entry level amp, the issues that will arise from a weak source signal could be magnified.

Is it overkill to have two 12" subs in a Tiburon? That's a subjective question. In my opinion, yes. But you may find that it suits your listening style. I recently installed an 8" sub, in a 10"x10"x9" sealed box, running on 300W, and it's plenty of bass for me. My concern would be over the amount of space that it's going to eat up.

That particular Pyramid amplifier is not what you need, at all. Don't be fooled by MAX ratings. Always look for the RMS wattage rating on speakers and amplifiers, and match them accordingly. If you decide to go with that MTX subwoofer you need to find an amp that does 400W RMS @ 2 ohm to match the requirements/capabilities of that subwoofer set.

I hope you have more questions.

My first car was a 2001 Hyundai Accent GSi, my second was a 2002 Elantra GL, and my current car is a 2012 Sonata GL. Just in case my taste is cars makes my opinion matter more.
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