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new car... new system:D

Old 08-24-2006, 08:50 PM
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new car... new system:D im getting my first car (1993 nissan 240sx)..and ive decided to allocate somewhere around $1000 to the sound system.... im not going into any competitions or anything...but i want as much bass as i can get out of my pretty much starting from scratch, aside from a pair of focal ca130 speakers...
so what i will need is a deck, 2 more speakers, sub and sub amp(will prolly just run the speakers off the deck unless the budget allows for a second amp).... that being said i have a line on a concept cc-d1200a([email protected]) for $200... the only thing i think that will be hard to pick out will be the deck...i want something nice...but i dont wanna put a bunch of time into it tweaking the eq settings and whatnot(providing it has them:P) i was thinking something from pioneers line, as they seem to have a decent amount of options, and they look pretty classy...but im open to suggestions on everything..
thanks to everyone who throws me their 2 cents in advance
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yea for a headunit go with a pioneer and for a sub and amp go rockford

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wow, quick responses
that pioneer deck looks sure the speakers are good too...but does bassworx even make subs?? i thought they only made boxes...and seeing as to how ive never even heard of their subs i cant imagine they would be very good...
the only other thing i would say is pleeeeease dont suggest any alpine products..i have nothing against alpine, and in fact they have great products...but nearly every single person in campbell river has an alpine system with those alpine stickers all over their car!
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hmm, well ill take ur word for, i just cant find any info on their subs anywhere
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They are another entry level budget brand sub made by who knows who in Singakoreachinatiawanapore that do a good job at producing respectable output, especially when 4 of anything is used. With the line on that amp, I would be looking at one of the DD2512's, adding another one at a later date (just did a set of 3512's off of the new CD1210 amp last week and unreal results from it). A set of front component speakers and a cd player and you are all set.

Score that amp if you can, it is a great amp, especially for the price.
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The Bassworx subs are fantastic for the price the 12.3 stage 3 subs handle a load of power around 500W rms each and sound great. Hard to find a better sub in that price range IMO
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no no . get the uber 6000 11" subwoofer with the matching OMGZ 100000 watt amp .


personaly go out and listen to the stuff before you buy it. mess around with the controls on the decks. listen to the subs. what sounds good to me might not sound good to you .

you wouldnt buy a car without driving it would you?

and honestly as long as its installed right any brand name woofer will sound good.
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Quick Reply: new car... new system:D

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