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subs connected to OEM headunit

Old 01-09-2009, 12:07 PM
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subs connected to OEM headunit

what do u guys think of this, I was planning of getting a whole system but now Iam thinking of gettings just the subs an amp and connecting it to my headunit,

what would be the diffrence of doing this versus getting an aftermarket deck,.

my budget is 500-600 installed
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The biggest problem I found was the "loudness" (which used to be a button WAYYYYY back in the day but is now built in) function. It works like this, from what I can gather, when your factory deck is at low volume, the bass is automatically higher, and when you start to turn the volume up, the bass is reduced relative to the mids and highs. This keeps the factory speakers from distorting at higher volumes. So if you tap into your factory system to add a sub, you will almost certainly wind up with a system that has WAY to fuking much bass at low listening levels, and not enough at high listening levels. You will be forver messing with the "bass" control and it will drive you insane. That is the ONE AND ONLY reason I always change out the factory head unit when I get a new car. My God its annoying, I dont know why the manufacturers of these head units cant make that stupid function disable-able (sp?) and give us at least one friggin low level output at the rear of the radio...
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nite and day homie
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aftermarket deck
better tuning. more sub control. HPF and LPF capable of hooking a 4ch and a mono. ipod capability, sat radio ready and usb mp3's on most decks.

factory deck
shitty sound, not loud enough. only hav fader, balance, bass and treble to work with, no preouts, no ipod, no usb, no sat radios on most of the cars, and that shitty built in bass control thing.

my way is allways aftermarket stock sux PERIOD
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Old 01-09-2009, 02:10 PM
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Unless you have a hyundai with the factory clarion head unit I'd suggest against using a stock head with any sort of amplification, subs or otherwise.
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Get a $149 deck - you'll be happier with it.

If you won't/can't then get a RE-Q for a line level adaptor. It will correct for the situation that Rrrrolla describes, gives you a remote turn on lead, and is fairly priced.
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Old 01-09-2009, 03:41 PM
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^^ x2
$150 for the Deck
$200 for an amp
$150 for the sub
If you buy at all the same place, you should definitely be able to negotiate a deal to have it all installed for less.
You should be able to do that for under $600

. . . when I first read the thread title, I thought you were considering running the subs off of the amp built into the Head Unit . . . I'm glad to see that's not what you were considering.

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Originally Posted by maltesechicken View Post
. . . when I first read the thread title, I thought you were considering running the subs off of the amp built into the Head Unit . . . I'm glad to see that's not what you were considering.
LOL! I thought the exact same thing.
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Yup, $150 deck is the place to start. Then pick up that deal I still have on the subs and a amp to run them.
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Old 01-10-2009, 11:54 AM
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i dont want to change my stock deck, got no cash for now, would it matter that i will run an amp to the subs. I'll be using a line out converter or a jl clean sweep, not sure how they really work
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