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Cda-117 + kce-400bt

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Cda-117 + kce-400bt

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Hey Guys, upgraded my cda 103bt to the 117 and the bluetooth modules, but got a few issues, or I might just be picky.

When listening to music through my iPhone plugged into USB, there is a high pitched sound. When there's lots of sound you can't hear it very well obviously, but just doing some testing I found that if I pause directly on the iPhone, you can hear it very clearly for a second and then it just stops. When I hit play on the iPhone again, you hear the sound very clearly until the music takes over.

A song I was testing it with was Nothing Else Matters by Metallica (the live symphony orchestra one), and during the first few seconds of the song even with the volume cranked it's a very quiet song. I can hear this sound very very clearly here, and it drives me insane. I've been toggling settings off and on with the deck and trying to figure out how to reduce it with no success.

Issue with the KCE-400BT:

When talking to someone on the phone, there's a nice constant and very loud noise always in the background. Same thing if I play audio through bluetooth. This one is easy to test as I just pause the music and crank the volume and there's a nice loud humming sound.


I never had any issues with the 103bt in regards to hearing any sound through the bluetooth (calls anyways, couldn't do audio streaming) - nor with any extra noise found through plugging in my iPhone and playing music through it. Just for for the sake of argument, I did test it without the car running and the sound isn't similar to the typical alternator whine you would normally hear. I even used the same wiring hardness between the 103bt and the 117 as they were identical - so none of that would have changed either.

Any insight to what I can do to troubleshoot this would be great. I spent a decent amount of time on Google to find nothing about call quality with the kce-400bt, or anything to do with iPod or iPhone quality with the CDA-117 so I suppose it's possible I may have a defective something.. but just want to check here to make sure.

Thanks in advanced.

Edit: The sound is more of a hissing than it is a humming or a buzz. If I turn the deck up quite a bit, I can hear it pretty clearly.

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Upon searching and searching I came across this:

Might be your 9887.
Let me guess- no noise at volume 0, then it has noise at volume 1?
No noise on pause but it has noise on quiet passages? When unpausing it goes "hiss/no hiss/continuous hiss", real quick?
No noise when playing an actual zero bit track, but it has noise on any other track?

I've had two 9887s, they've both done this. The hiss is very slight but my high freq speakers in the front reveal anything remotely resembling a hiss (107db sensitivity). Zipper noise when increasing/decreasing the volume quickly, also.

It's almost like the 9887 has a built-in noise gate, that closes when it senses a true zero-bit input, but opens for music and lets the noise out.
Found that on DIYMA. I can't post the link since I have less than 5 posts.

Apparently that same person upgraded to a CDA-117 and is experiencing the same thing. The issue described above is exactly as I am experiencing. Is it possible that there are just some defective units out there? Should I swap it out with the same one?

I have very basic requirements (in my mind). Must be a good quality head unit, as I am not looking to amplify my speakers. I want to be able to play music by hooking up my iPhone, and I want bluetooth. Seems like nothing with bluetooth exists that has good audio quality.
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