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Clarion SE320 Bass Distortion


First post here - I've got a '83 Volvo 244 with:
- Alpine 7190E Stereo (is head unit the correct term?)
- Clarion 4.5"(Might be 4") front door speakers
- Clarion SE320 speakers on the parcel tray

Now, I didn't do the wiring for the front speakers, the Alpine unit has a quick removal cradle type system (no wires on the radio, just on the cradle) and the wires from the cradle (single DIN?) are Bodged into the Volvo stock plug - But the front speakers work fine.

Then - I purchased a set of Clarion SE-320 speakers
(Ebay Link to the Auction)
These have two speakers in each, one handles the Treble and one handles the Bass.

When I went to install these I found out that my radio only has grounds for the front left and right speakers, while having positive outputs for all FL, FR, RL and RR.
So I assumed that its got common grounds for FL/RL and FR/RR.
These have been wired with normal 2mm speaker wire (Might be 3mm, cant remember) The wires run under the dash, down to the floor then along the sills and up into the parcel tray.
The Parcel tray is thin woody stuff with a fabric covering, this sits on a layer of black sticky board and that sits on top of steel - so my speakers are screwed though steel (from boot) though black sticky board and into the parcel tray.

Now, the problem:
I get bass distortion on the rear speakers, treble(or everything not bass) is fine.

- Both speakers are distorted
- If I move the bass slider down to nil I get no distortion.
- The distortion is only coming from the larger of the two speakers in each speaker unit.
- Distortion is present at all volume levels

Do I need to replace the individual speakers in my SE320's?
Do I need to just get an amp?
Will a Equalizer help? - Theirs a sweet Pioneer AD30 Equalizer for sale locally!
Do I need to redo the wiring?

Thanks for any help!
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