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GMC Yukon wiring for JVC radio

Hi folks,
First time on the forum, so patience for the n00b, and thanks for any replies.

I own a 2002 GMC Yukon, with an AC Delco deck, and On-Star (No Bose)
I bought a JVC KD NX5000 and am attempting the install myself. I bought the GMC wiring harness, BHA1858 from and have mated it 1:1 to the JVC harness that came with it. There are 3 wires left over from the JVC harness:
Parking Brake (solid green)
Tel Muting (solid brown)
Remote Out (Blue/White)

I plugged it in for the first time today to see how things would connect up and it got power and everything seems to be working ok, sound.

I talked to the guy where I bought the wiring harness and he said that it was because I don't have the Remote out (blue/white) connected to anything.
That's true, but from the BHA1858 there is no blue/white wire!
and out of the dash of my truck, there are only 3 output/inputs:
1. Antenna
2. Male connector for the wiring harness
3. Male connector for OnStar which went into the back of the AC Delco unit. I need to strip this Remote out and tie it in with one of the other ones? I think the installer said the blue one, but that is listed as the power antenna...(Which I don't have...)

Any advice here is appreciated, as there seems to be a lack of documentation out there, that I can find.
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The remote out goes to the factory amp, if there is one. Look for the solid blue wire on the harness you bought. This will be marked "power antenna" but is usually the factory amp in most cars. If that doesn't work, then look at the harness already in the car and find the wire that doesn't have a mate on your new harness. Try that and see if it's the amp.

Also attach the "parking brake" wire to ground to bypass the e-brake on security.
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Ok, I tied the Blue/white from the JVC into the power antenna, on the GM harness, without tieing in the power antenna from the JVC...should I have left that in there?
I hooked it up, and there was no sound...I pulled it out again, connected the actual antenna into the radio, plugged it back in and VOILA...there was sound.
Disconnected, reconnected while playing with the mounting bracket, and no sound again? question, was it that I played with the actual antenna (I haven't bought the adapter yet...I'm going to do that next) or is it the on/off signal turned it on one time, and off the next?

I also tied the emerg brake into the does this bypass the security? Can you explain?
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Second harness...

Hey guys,
Just as a follow-up...the power antenna connection was intermittent, so I wrote the harness guys at Their reply:

At the back of the radio you should have a 9 pin plug, usually the Onstar harness. In that harness there is a Pink wire, that needs to go to the blue/white wire of the aftermarket radio. Powering that wire up will turn the factory amplifier on.

I cut the pink wire out of the OnStar harness, tied it into (alone) the "Remote Out" from the JVC deck, and Whammy! Worked right away. I'll keep you updated as to any developments.
Thanks for the reply.
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congrats on the findings with on star that would have been my guess since it works through the speaker system !
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