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Suggestion for decent setup?

Old 12-15-2008, 10:09 PM
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Suggestion for decent setup?

Okay you probably get this question a literal MILLION times, but I did honestly search, and didn't find anything that peaked my interest.

I am looking for a relatively cheap setup (800-1000 max) however I am not looking for loud. Instead I would prefer bass that blends into the music, not overpowering it, and not boomy, more defined.

Is this enough money for a good sounding setup? I need amp/sub/box but I am willing to build a box if it is easy enough (I am fairly carpentry inclined) However it would be nice to be somewhat small, I would rather not lose alot of trunk space.

I drive a 2001 Sunfire GT, and will be upgrading to a 2008 VW GTI (hatchback) if that makes any difference at all.

Appreciate the help, Thanks alot guys!
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Old 12-15-2008, 10:24 PM
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Hit me up on msn if you can, [email protected]. Then open this link,
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Old 12-15-2008, 10:41 PM
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is that for a head unit, speakers, amps, and sub system, all brand new? It can be done, and it will sound hella better than most stock systems, though it will be limited in it's output, and overall sound quality (hell all systems are compared to the next one that's "better"). The breakdown at that budget, 150.00 for a deck, 250.00 for a 4ch amp (50x4...100x2(@ 2ohms) + 200x1), 200.00 for front components, 100.00 for rear co-axials, 100.00 for a 12" sub, 50.00-100.00 for a box (sealed is cheaper, ported is louder), and the rest for install and wiring etc...
Use the amp in 2ohm mode for the front and rear speakers (parallel them, you won't be able to fade but that's ok...or forget the rears and spend 300.00 for better front comps), then use the bridged rear channels for the sub in a ported enclosure to get max output with limited power. Example of equipment, Clarion Clarion DXZ385USB, RF punch 400-4 (FS had them onsale last week online for 237.00 brand new), MB quart high end 6.5" components from Forbidden audio...300.00, Pioneer 12" sub from Forbidden for 99.00, make your own box (20.00), rear co-axials if you want for 100.00 or less from anywhere....see all for under 1000.00!
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I have some smoking deals that are not advertised. The trick though is to talk to you and find out the real needs and future goals. No deal is any good unless it is right for your application. To me I can see already what you should be looking but I have lots of questions to ask in order to help zero in on what you should consider. If you do not have msn, we can do it by e-mail or pm as well.
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well I have a deck already, its an alpine... something or other.

I am just looking for subs for now, the components are good enough for me, I just want more punch.
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Old 12-16-2008, 06:36 AM
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So you already have a head-unit and front component speakers? Depends on what these speakers are, but if they're not getting an amplified signal, expect them to "come to life" once they are.

If that 1G is for a sub, enclosure, and mono amplifier, then it shouldn't be hard to piece equipment that stays within your budget and will perform really well.

Since you stated you're not going for "loud", then I too would suggest a beefy 4 channel amp. Bridge the rear channels to make the power for the subwoofer.

MR2NR will probably mention a Pioneer Premier PRS-D4200F, and the Eclipse amp that shares the same topology (I think). So you'd have 75W x 2 for your fronts, and 300W x 1 for your sub. You should be able to set your H.U up so that you're still using the stock rear speakers for fill.

As for subwoofers, I'd suggest an Alpine Type-S, it has a 300W RMS rating, which would match the Pioneer amp perfectly. Be prepared to build a really good enclosure to get the most out of this woofer. I'm sure that there are better options, but my knowledge of all things car-audio is pretty slim. Just the first items that came to mind.

There's probably a 100 combinations of items that would work. The fun part is finding what'll work best for you.

Do you plan on installing this into the Sunfire, then swapping into the VW when you get it? I just wouldn't want to see you waste money on the Pontiac install. Wait until you have the new car.
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Are you planning the system for you upcoming new car, or your current car? If you are buying a car soon, I suggest you don't bother messing with your current car.

$800 prolly can't get you very far, it all depends on how much SQ you are looking to get out of your car.

List of stuff that you will likely need to buy:
1) Head unit
2) Aftermarket face plate (Metra)
3) PAC Swi Jack (steering control)
4) 1/0 ga wire - 20ft +/-
5) Few ft of 4ga wire
6) Distro block x 2 - Power and Gnd
7) Sub Box
8) Subwoofer
9) Front components

First of all, the VW gti/golf is a very small car. Get ONE good sub, preferably 12/13" and put them in a sealed box. You'd prolly want to look for one that's not very deep. The sub will take up approximately 1/4 - 1/3 of your trunk space.

Secondly, DO IT RIGHT. I don't suppose you want to tear off your doors, kick panel, kick plate, quarter panel, rear seat, and etc half way through your venture in ICE would you? if not, make sure to wire your car up with 1/0 the first time, and be done with it. It's going to cost you about $100+/- for the wire, distro block, and etc. At the same time, you should dampen your doors.
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