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Where to connect speaker wires?

Hey guys,
Iím new to the car audio scene so bare with me, I recently got a kicker 4 channel amp that I want to use to give my kicker 6x9 lower door subs some more kick. My questions is do I have to run the speaker wire from the amp to the speakers or can I get away with connecting the speaker wires to the power outputs behind the dash. I just want to power my lower door speakers from the amp not the mid range or tweeters that are also in the door.
If I have to run the new speaker wire from the amp to the lower door subs what do I do with the power outputs behind the dash?

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Well I am no pro but I do know a few things so here's my two cents. Any electrical engineer would probably say the size of the wire matters. Not where you connect. Lets say you have a 500 watt rms amp. 1 channel going from the back to the the front door. Its 17 feet of wire. You need to account for impedance. Every so many feet will create resistance. So in order to get the power there you need the correct gauge of wire. Mind you this is way more important on power and ground runs but some swear it affects sound quality as well. So if your amp is in the back then why would you go to the dash to connect. But if your amp is under the dash then a short run from the amp to the factory wires might be okay. Myself personally. I run over sized wire from my amps to my speakers. Ill use a 16 awg ofc wires from the amp to speakers with no splices. For 150 watts rms... just for example. But I have a back ground as a technician so I know how to tear the vehicle apart and how to make clean problem free runs. Unless your pushing crazy power in terms of watts you should be ok either way. Factory vehicle speaker wiring is usually like 18 to 22 awg pretty small but they use quality wire usually not the copper clad stuff. Id stay away from the cheapo cca wire for sure. Anyways how that helps.
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