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Info on Buying a new set up

Old 04-25-2006, 02:12 PM
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Exclamation Info on Buying a new set up

i was wondering what i should get for a good system. i have been reading around the site and people say you have to get certain amps for your subwoofer and a certain deck i was wondering if i could get some info on replacing the stock stereo system on my 2000 Chrysler Neon?
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Old 04-25-2006, 02:40 PM
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There are lots of things that you can do with a Neon. Lots and lots and lots of them. The first thing you need to decide is what kind of budget you have to spend on your system. Next is do you want it to sound good or just play stupid loud and annoy everyone. Next up again is do you want to be able to expand the system down the road or are you going to go all out and get it done. Are you in the market for a dvd / lcd system or just a good cd player? So let's get you started by asking some more questions and posting some more results.

Yes you need to properly match together your system. An improperly matched together system is one that does not do what it was designed to do. An example of this might be your 1000 watt sub amp only producing 500 watts because the wrong subs were purchased.

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systems come in a million different varieties. MR2NR gave you excellent advice. My advice is; don't just listen to other people, get out there and look around, shop around, listen to as many different brands, touch stuff, turn *****, poke buttons, and start looking up information on websites and magazines, books etc... Go with what you like, not what other people tell you is good or bad. Over the years I've been fed more B.S. from electronics' salesman than anyone else(Alpine sucks, Pioneer is garbage, Rockford who-why would you want that crap! if you ever hear that sort of thing...just leave, this guy just wants to sell you whatever he has lots of and can make lots on!). Believe me, you can get great sound from products made by just about any reputable company out there, as long as it's set up right( go to a good shop, that's been recommended by people you trust or on sites like these). As far as reliability; I've yet to return one piece of car audio equipment for warranty in over 20 years(except Pyramid way back in the 80's), they(good companies) all make pretty good quality stuff. Finally; Always, trust your ears, after all it's your system.
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/\ What they said....

Only thing I would suggest is taking a CD that you are familiar with when you go out to audition speakers. It should be one that is a well recorded (preferably a store bought CD, as opposed to a burned MP3 or WMA disc) disc of material you have heard on a few different systems, both home and car....

If you establish a budget first, then you can work your way through the rest of the process with all the help you can ask for here....

Welcome to the obsession...
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Originally Posted by BigRedGuy
/\ Welcome to the obsession...
He isn't kidding. When I got my car I told my self that I would get a very cheap cd player and be done ($85 blaupunkt cdplayer). Ya, then I decided that having a sub would be cool and I found out that I would need an amp and some wires. After that I realized my cd player wasn't good enough for my amp and it kept going on from there. But I got a suggestion that you must listen to. Do not by cheap sh*t and think it will work. I regret many purchases I have made in the past and I have wasted a lot of money and I am finally realizing that it pays to spend more money on the "good sh*t".
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Originally Posted by Lspade69
I am finally realizing that it pays to spend more money on the "good sh*t".
I agree with everything said, as well as Lspade69's response to spend a little extra if you can on certain components of your system. Just be careful, as there are 2 different kinds of "good ", perceived, and actual...

best thing you can do is research and get as much info on the equipment as you can before you buy, that will help you out more than anything else.

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thats for all the good advice. i have been looking around to see what i need and where to get it like
1. a wiring harness for all the wires
2. car deck installation kit so it holds my deck inside
2. wiring from deck to amp
3. a decent amp
4. good subs but i dont know what size, type, brand, all that
5. im building my own box to but need to design one first on a program
5. im going to leave my stock 6 speakers in for the moment just replace to back 2 6 by 9's
6. where to go for all the supplies like a/b sound, future shop, best buy, JBL power center, etc.

i have a buget of around 1000 to 1200 but nothing to hardcore it you guys could get back to me on some info thanks
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check the "for sale" section, lots of good deals there, and it can really help you stretch your budget.
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