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Opinions on LOC's - looking for some advice

Old 03-16-2009, 09:33 AM
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Lightbulb Opinions on LOC's - looking for some advice

Hey guys,
Ive been out of the game for a while but seeing as I have all of my old gear just sitting around collecting dust(JL 10W6V2, PG 600.2ti, PG475ti), I figured I might as well throw it in my new car. Here's the kicker though - Im looking to maintain the stock/factory look which means that, yes, Im going to be using my stock head unit with a LOC of some sort.

Now, before I go any further Im going to make this very clear...I am NOT going to put in an aftermarket deck - it simply not an option, so please don't make this recommendation. Ive read too many threads from many other forums where the poster asks about LOC's and just gets a bunch of responses about how sh!tty they are and to just go and do a aftermarket deck. I know that aftermarket will be better and cleaner and all that...but its just not an option this time. Again, I am going to utilize the factory HU and am looking for suggestions on achieving this in the most cost effective/quality way possible.
Ok...end disclaimer.

So - after a ridiculous amount of research I think Ive made myself confused more so than anything else. Here's what Im working with...a 2005 Nissan Maxima with a bose HU. From what Ive read the HU changes its eq'ing and levels based upon the current volume setting (ie. rolls off the bottom end when turned up so that the factory speakers don't distort). This obviously may cause some issues when using a LOC, but are there some that handle this problem better than others?

Units Im considering so far are:

-AudioControl LC6i/LC7 - seems like the signal summing feature may be helpful, plus is a good line driver.

-JL Cleansweep - A nice piece with ability to create a very good flat level, but might not work well unless you use their supplied volume ****, which I do not want. Id like to keep my steering wheel controls. Also pricey..

-Rockford 3Sixty.1 - Seems alright, but you have to tweak using a PDA...not too sure about this one.

-PAC AOEM NIS2 - This seems like a really cheap alternative, plug and play into the stock wiring clips, but doesn't do any signal summing or auto eq'ing. However, this may be more than acceptable for now. Might start with this for sub install and add a signal processor after/later when I add interiors.

So - my questions is - does anyone have any thoughts on these, or better yet any PERSONAL experience? Keeping in mind what Im trying to acheive:

-Must maintain factory HU
-Only adding sub and amp for now, but would like to keep things open for interiors down the road.
-Looking to get the best "bang for the buck"

Thanks in advance for anyone's help!
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Does the head unit have a built in amp or is it outboard, I cannot remember in this car. Bose based systems are normally synonamous with heavy onboard eq'ing at the amp stage. If this is the case, a LC6/7i might not be the best bet. A RE-Q5 would be ideal, or a Cleansweep (although huge $ for little to no difference in abilities). Any advanced interface is going to open the doors to full system expansion down the road and superior integration over a basic LOC.
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From what Ive read...and I quote - "the bose headunit is low-level (unamplified) meaning you can just splice RCA's into the speaker wires behind the radio."

So I might be able to just get away with the Re-q or Re-q5. Like you said, the cleansweep might be out, simply b/c of the $$$ factor. Im not sure where I can pick up the RE-Q5 or even how much it retails for, but it looks like Futureshop carries the standard RE-Q. Sounds like the RE-Q5 might be the better long term option.

Any other options or opinions out there?
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Wait a second - if the HU is putting out a low level signal, not LOC is really needed is it? Could I not just tap into the low level speaker outputs coming out of the HU, solder on some rca's for the interiors (f+r) and then pick up a RE-Q for the sub?
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