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Why is Car Audio and this forum dead?

Old 09-21-2011, 08:39 PM
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Easier accessable classes to new people, means more people to cruise the sites. A noob goes to a show and see's nothing but gutted walled suv's and 20k SQ purposed cars its discourging. Realistic rookie classes to get them hooked, then take there money as they move up in classes, and can get past the cost alone.

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its already done in usaci and iasca it wont happen in db drag because no one cares
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It's Yuli's fault.
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Old 09-21-2011, 09:55 PM
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Lymen, you are right.
If you look at Asia and Europe, the car audio scene is actually gaining momentum. We should look at what they are up to. I heard they actually use the money value of your system to determine classes for competition! It keeps innovative DIY'ers who put a lot of elbow grease into their systems credit vs some douche who just writes a blank cheque to a shop and goes into a pro-am or pro class.
The competition just adds another aspect to this hobby and makes it more fun. Keeping it competitive and drawing in new interest is the trick. Some countries fill small arenas with cars and have SPL and SQ judged on a big display in real time, so spectators watch the points go up!! We have to be innovative to make our sound-offs more appealing to others. Having a bunch of competitors milling around while judges sit quietly in the cars and wait all day to find out the scores at the end may be boring to a lot of people.
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Old 09-22-2011, 12:53 AM
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go to you tube and check out emma 2009 2008 2010 ect. lots of excitment. now thats how a show should be run.
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From what i can see. All the posts are coming from Out West. All the east guys got ban or just dont care to come on. I will post my builds to help others like a step by step if they ever wanted to do so but i think im gonna stop soon. I get no respect for it. Im tryin to keep this thing alive we all started here. Thats my 2 cents.
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I like old skool!

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Originally Posted by Jwb_Spl View Post
Could it be people getting sick of being banned?
It's a forum, people need to get over it. If they break the rules they need to move on.

Originally Posted by Jwb_Spl View Post
Could it be the expensive vendor fees?
Why would vendor fees decrease all the other users participation?
Doesnt seem to make much sense.

Other than that, no one makes a vendor pay, its optional. Dont pay, dont promote your products or service, its that simple. All shops are allowed to participate for free like you and I, it just cant be in a commercial capacity.

Originally Posted by Jwb_Spl View Post
This place use to great for info and help but now its dead. I think the site could be sucessful again but there needs to be major changes.
*shrugs*. I guess dead to you is different than dead to us.
According to our analytics, traffic remains the same despite what people want to believe.

Originally Posted by lpchouinard View Post
I've closed my forum (french) in september because of the lack of post... People get bored of the same thing everyday, they want new, this site will eventually close and another one will take over. Also, this place is operated as a business and the community feeling is gone IMO
Bills to pay, of course it has to be ran as a business.

The site will never close, it will just change with the times. I cant say though that a few years back I didnt consider following the previous owners bath and just shutting it down. Some members here like to cause grief for the staff, we have started weeding them out as of last year.

There have been numerous spin offs, they generally end up all the same, dead and or a few posts with builds and a ton of posts complaing about me and CCA.

Originally Posted by Sound-Solution View Post
Doesn't stop here, the number of competitors showing up for shows was dismal.
I found the shows to be very noob unfriendly, especially when I first started coming out. The core group of competitors here were unwelcoming, rude etc. Never mind you fast forward some years later they cheat and even steal from eachother. Is it any wonder the community is hurt.

Originally Posted by Jwb_Spl View Post
very true....the whole car audio scene is dead
But you expect CCA to carry the whole scene on its back? Don't think so.
We allow you guys to promote your shows for free, you cry. We charge, you cry. We do giveaways, people cry. Honestly, far too many whiners in this hobby (not all, jus a ton)

Originally Posted by audio1der View Post
Our weather doesn't help; we get maybe 4 nice months a year here- who wants to bump and meet up in the frigging winter? Canada is a tough place for a hobby like this. Places like SMD forums are FULL of new posts because places like the US can do it comfortably all year.
My $.02
And there are tons more people out there participating than here.
Also note that as far as car audio chat goes, CCA is ok. I am not sure why people confuse the competition sector with every day car audio. CCA has never been about just competition.

Originally Posted by Denonite View Post
unfortunately, the prime time of car audio is over. There just isn't enough interest at the basic consumer level to drive the enthusiast market like it did before. Don't get me wrong, there will always be enthusiasts like us, but the novelty and excitement of car audio really started mid 80's and ended probably early 2000's (if that late). What we're experiencing now is the slow drop off. Eventually it'll be mostly enthusiasts and hard core car audio guys that'll still be into it. Add to that the oem systems are way better than they used to be, much harder to change, and most "normal" consumers can't see any real benefit to changing their systems anymore. What we have now is the typical evolution of specialty products. Home audio went through a similar evolution, lucky for them that home theatre became a big thing. Maybe sometime in the future some new technology will boost car audio up a bit, but I doubt it'll ever be what it was. Sadly..nothing lasts forever!
Perfect example.

Originally Posted by luke99 View Post
it also doesnt help when sanctioning fees are through the roof no shops can afford to pay those fees so they dont even look at doing shows
If that is the case, then it seems shops cant afford to do much at all. Their business model is flawed and they should either turn it into a hobby or close the doors. It gets tiring hearing the 'woe is me' from some of these 'shops'. But, doesn't bother me, I wouldn't leave my car with half of them anyways.

Originally Posted by Sound-Solution View Post
I wouldn't call $50 for a 1x fee through the roof but regardless of the fees if only a handfull of competitors show up that leaves a bad taste about doing it again ...
Get used to it. People complain about everything. Even when they get a show they complain about the trophies or the parking or the lack of outlets etc. I got tired of doing the giveaways for that very same reason and in the future when they do happen they will always be for site supporters.

Originally Posted by luke99 View Post
ya for an iasca show , who in all of canada honestly can afford to drive all the way to florida its just to far , and im talking about the prices for 2x and 3x shows just way to much money , when competitors are trying to make finals you cant get their just off 5 or so single point shows
Peoples time isn't free. Now I would argue that a shop putting on a show shouldn't charge at all as its great marketing for them and promo but when the turn out is 5 cars with the same people they know there's no sales coming. So, time is money, they need to charge to cover costs of trophies, plaques and permits etc.

Originally Posted by JohnnyRock1588 View Post
well thats exactly why audio had dwindled due to the fact it takes that time and money to actually be competitive.
agreed. the cost of competing is so great that it has distanced itself from the average person.

Originally Posted by mommjomma View Post
Do sites need competitors do be sucessful?
Nope. Sites need traffic.

Originally Posted by Menace View Post
From what i can see. All he posts are coming from Out West. All the east guys got ban or just dont care to come on. I will post my builds to help others like a step by step if they ever wanted to do so but i think im gonna stop soon. I get no respect for it. Im tryin to keep this thing alive we all started here. Thats my 2 cents.
Troll, you get banned, no exceptions. Spam, get banned. Tide has changed, seems the west runs things here now, not the east. If people from the east have opted to go elsewhere to cry about CCA (which i gaurantee they are doing) then so be it. Numbers havent changed here. Maybe a few less posts but the site is certainly more welcoming to new users.

Menace, as for yours posts. In my experience running forums people tend to post and gripe quicker than positive feedback. I dont know why, people just do it. I assure you that any post with pictures and text outlining what you do is appreciated and encourages other users to participate in the audio competitions or at least inspires them to make a sick build. I wish more people were friendly but this happens on all forums.
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Old 09-22-2011, 11:07 AM
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Some may not like the bluntness of the following response, be warned.

The entire problem with car audio today begins with the consumer not wanting to pay for quality product. This drove most companies to start downgrading quality control, lowering building costs to match what consumers thought they should pay. This movement severely lowered peoples standards as to what good sound is. Ask 90% of people out there, Listening to MP3 off a pair of ipod headphones sounds really good, their epitome of high end sound is the Bose junk in a box setup their uncle has...

This lead to more and more people not upgrading, bad sounding OEm systems. Which slowly shrunk the market and forced manufacturers to make things cheaper and cheaper so as to be appealing.

10 or so years ago a flip out DVD screen was in the $3K prince range and had a huge control box with it. Nav add-on was $1200+ XM add on $350+ when it came out.

Now.. fully Loaded double din Head unit, with SD, USB, Ipod interface, Bluetooth, Nav, aux in, Dual zone video control is about $900 from reputable manufacturers. Far more features for 1/3 the price and the image quality on the older screens was WAY better than the stuff that's there today.

5-6 years ago, go on any car audio forum and People were raving about how fantastic their Infinity Kappa 3 ways sounded. There was no shortage of people with the exact same product backing them up because they have it and it's awesome. Which lead to another downfall. The people pumping a product with half decent performance into "high end" levels. People listening to these speakers, badly installed in their older cousins car etc thought that it was awesome.

True high end now has become very specialized equipment, and even "high end" manufacturers have had to cut costs so as not to have to price their products out of grasp of the common man. Many have gone to China for manufacturing and as a result has ended them up with mass amounts of copy cat products out on the market.

Another major factor is that compared to days of old, people didn't have an ipod, an iphone, an ipad, a PS3, an Xbox, Cable TV, and the internet sucking money out of their pockets leaving folk with less spending cash available and far more fixed monthly fees.

Couple that with the generation gap of the baby boomers and their kids. The market shrunk in the late 80's through late 90's as the population of people in the consumer age bracket declined.

NOW... add this to the newer age parenting techniques that told parents to set the bar low and give kids only achievable goals. This caused a generation of kids to use every cheat on every video game and get a false sense of winning. Now into the real world, where it takes hard work and skill to gain exceptional achievements it's just too much work and the threat of losing at competitions is enough to get them not to try.

Add to that, a lot of new vehicles have the head units integrated highly into the vehicle. either through the cars computer networks, or the panel is also the heater controls, airbag module..etc.

Which in turn goes back to peoples highly skewed sense of what good sound is, having them happily smiling along with a sound system I would leave permanently turned off if it were in my car to prevent my ears from crying in agony.

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I like old skool!

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Bigger profit margins lead to cheaper products being made IMO, not a consumers unwillingness to pay a large sum for a product.
This is why everyone has moved their manufacturing to China.

Cept CCA, we still Canadian / American made and ran. lol
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Originally Posted by cca-rick View Post
Bigger profit margins lead to cheaper products being made IMO, not a consumers unwillingness to pay a large sum for a product.
This is why everyone has moved their manufacturing to China.

Cept CCA, we still Canadian / American made and ran. lol
Bigger profit margins lead to more time to develop product. I visited Focal/JM Labs in St Ettienne france a few years back and their facilities were incredible. They had fake cars of 3 different sizes set up in their development section with pods to allow for multiple speaker locations for use in developing new speakers. And a big bin next to them of what they were not happy with so they could constantly change parameters in house to make a product that works great all around.

Aside from Hybrid now and a few others most product is slightly modified/rebadged Home theater and DIY kit speakers slapped together (A la CDT) and marketed as high end. It's also not just manufacturers it's local shops. They have overhead to pay, cost of tools, staff, wear and tear on tools, Cost of lost/dead inventory. So those guys have to make money too.

But going back to peoples skewed sense of what good sound is. Many will slap a "high end" speaker in their door with 2 screws, rip out their vapor barrier, slap the doors back on and go telling everyone it sounds awesome.

Over the many years I've been installing I have had tons of people come in, saying they bought all the best equipment it should sound much better etc.etc.etc... read an Internet DIY so they are SURE their install is great.

a pair of baffles and wiring the damn things in polarity later... "Woah OMG it sounds so much better now". Then their "high end" according to the DIY internet, "my gear is the best stuff ever because "I" have it" Crowd's standard of awesome is Shattered once they hear a professionally built car with what is regarded as lesser equipment sounding 10X better than their own stuff.
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